Ridhi Dogra pens heartfelt note post the positive reception for her debut film Lakadbaggha

    Ridhi Dogra pens heartfelt note post the positive reception for her debut film Lakadbaggha

    The very talented Ridhi Dogra shared a heartwarming message after her performance in her debut film Lakadbhagga was appreciated by the masses. 


    After the warm reception she received for her OTT series ‘Asur’ and ‘The Married Woman’ both of which won her performances praise, Ridhi Dogra recently ushered in a new phase in her career as she made her big Bollywood debut with ‘Lakadbaggha’.

    It’s been a whirlwind couple of months for the actress who after the series ‘Pitchers 2’ showcased her potential on the big screen with ‘Lakadbaggha’ that highlights underground illegal animal trade. Ridhi has been winning praise for her role in the film and after the positive reception and a noteworthy movie debut, the actress penned a heartfelt note on social media.

    Taking to her social media to talk about her first film, Ridhi said, “‘Ridhi it’s your first film, how does it feel ?’ And I always ask myself wow Ridhi how does it feel to be asked this question?! To see myself on the big screen, to hear my voice coming out of those speakers gave me a feeling that still hasn’t sunk in. I am very hard on myself and I take too long to celebrate my victories. From the outside it looks like a victory. For me it’s a push to do more and do better next time. Yet the victory is personal. I guess so is the celebration. I feel blessed. I feel the power of manifestation. I feel like my angels and my soul guides must be celebrating for me right now. Because this journey of mine is only between me and them. I live for experiences. I live for the moment. And I feel utterly grateful to the entire team of Lakadbaggha helmed by @theanshumanjha @first_ray_films I am so happy to be a part of and to support them. In a world where business rules cinema I want to be a part of cinema in that business. And to do a film for the love of something bigger than me. Animals. Humanity. I couldn’t have asked for a better first film. Our film is being loved and appreciated by audiences, critics, animals lovers or not. And I want to ask you all to go see my first film in the theatre and perhaps make my victory your own by seeing one of your own making it on the big screen.”

    Adding a special mention of all the support she received from the world of television she said, “I’m already grateful for the army of loyal and loving supporters Television has given me. There’s seriously no one like you. The love you have given me for so many years has got me to the big screen. It’s you who’s words pushed me to keep going on days and months when I felt I didn't belong to the ‘business’ , your belief in my art has kept me going and got me here and as I have always said your love is the wind beneath my wings. Thank you for never ever letting go of your belief in me. Thank you for holding me together in your love. Thank you for celebrating me.”

    Excited about this new phase in her career Ridhi added, “It’s exciting to have reached where I am right now. And I’m excited for the road ahead. Many more lives to live. Many more characters to breathe. Many more catharsis to reach. Many more stories to believe. Many more dreams to see. See you at the movies guys. Love you.”

    Audiences can expect to see Ridhi Dogra quite often at the movies with her exciting slate ahead that includes Atlee’s Jawan alongside Shahrukh , Tiger 3 alongside Salman and Katrina, Asur 2 alongside Barun Sobti and Arshad Warsi and an untitled romantic show with Barun details of which will be announced soon.