Rod Stewart & Penny Lancaster's surprise vermont thrift store spree leaves town aflutter

    Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster's incognito thrift store visit in Vermont sends the town into a frenzy. The rock legend's million-dollar boots steal the show!

    Rod Stewart and Peeny (Source: People)

    Rod Stewart and Peeny (Source: People)

    The picturesque town of Vergennes, Vermont, with its population of just 2,500, received an unexpected dose of star power when legendary rocker Rod Stewart and his model wife, Penny Lancaster, made a surprise appearance while exploring the local thrift stores.

    Stewart and Lancaster's Incognito Adventure

    The couple's arrival in Vergennes sparked great excitement, although initially, no one quite recognized them. Lauren LaBerge Taddeo, who manages the Sweet Charity second-hand store, shared her encounter with the famous pair. "This couple comes in, and they're tall," she said. "They're very sweet, beautiful people."

    As they browsed the thrift store's wares, Maggie Catillaz, an employee, asked if they had visited Vergennes before. The response was a charming, "No," delivered in thick British accents, with the claim that they were visiting from Liverpool. This raised suspicions, leading Catillaz to write a discreet note to LaBerge Taddeo, asking if Stewart might be a rock star.

    Rod Stewart (Source: ABC)

    The Telltale Boots

    LaBerge Taddeo then examined Stewart's distinctive boots, which turned out to be glittery platform alligator boots valued at $1,000. She also noticed his spiky blond hair and a music earring resembling a G clef. Initially considering if he might be Sting, her curiosity grew. Stewart even showed off a Harley-Davidson leather jacket he had bought at a nearby store, emphasizing the difference in price between the UK and Vermont.

    It wasn't until a friend's social media post mentioned Rod Stewart's presence in town that LaBerge Taddeo realized who they had been hosting. Stewart and Lancaster disclosed that they were in Vermont to enjoy a white Christmas and planned to stay through the holiday season.

    Rod Stewart and Peeny (Source: People)

    Local Reaction

    While some locals were unaware of the famous visitors, Andrea Lalumiere, manager of 3 Squares Cafe next door, couldn't help but notice the unusual sight of leather pants on a Thursday, remarking that it was "a lot for Vergennes."

    Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster's unexpected visit to this quaint Vermont town has certainly left a lasting impression, with the iconic rocker's million-dollar boots and warm demeanor stealing the show. As the couple enjoys their secret Christmas getaway, Vergennes will undoubtedly cherish this starstruck moment for years to come.

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