Sam Heughan spills the beans on Outlander's sultry secrets from yesteryears

    Throwing it back to 2015 when Outlander's Sam Heughan gave insights into the show's steamy love scenes, historical dress hurdles, and his mom's take on his performance.

    <p>Sam Heughan (Source: TMZ)</p>

    Sam Heughan (Source: TMZ)

    Way back in 2015, a series set the screen on fire with its sizzling chemistry, jaw-dropping love scenes, and heart-racing historical drama. Yes, we're talking about Outlander - the time-traveling love saga that gripped millions. Today, let's take a nostalgic journey back to when the charismatic Sam Heughan, alongside the talented Caitriona Balfe, gave us an intimate peek behind the show's steamy curtains.

    Historical passion through kilts and corsets

    When asked about the intricacies of filming love scenes, especially with the elaborate historic clothing, Heughan humorously quipped about the notorious challenges of unlatching Balfe's corset. "Talk about spoiling the moment. Female clothing seems to be extremely difficult and almost like a puzzle for a man to take off. But I think if you get there, you win. A kilt is the complete opposite. The kilt is so easy to take off." Balfe playfully added to the narrative, sharing Heughan's 'fun' times trying to take off her corset.

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    The curious case of the wedding episode

    Sam Heughan (Source: TMZ)

    Heughan also shed light on his family's reception, especially concerning those racy moments. In an amusing disclosure, Heughan mentioned how his mother remained blissfully unaware of a particular episode that showcased Jamie's very first romantic escapade. "My mother doesn’t know [the wedding episode where Jamie has sex for the first time] exists. She thinks it all ends at episode 6. I think I’m going to keep propagating that lie."

    It's evident that while Outlander took its viewers on a thrilling ride through history, its stars navigated a roller coaster of emotions and experiences off-screen. The show wasn't just a smashing success because of its compelling storyline, but also due to the genuine camaraderie and electric chemistry shared by its lead actors.

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    As we gaze back at the memories, the magic of Outlander remains undimmed, with Sam Heughan's candid confessions only adding to its enduring allure.

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