'She's very missed': Allison Janney opens up about Anna Faris leaving Mom after 7 years

    Allison Janney reflects on Anna Faris's exit from "Mom" after seven years, highlighting her pursuit of "new opportunities" and the continuation of the beloved series.

    'She's very missed': Allison Janney opens up about Anna Faris leaving Mom after 7 years

    "She's Very Missed": Anna Faris Bids Farewell to 'Mom' and Hello to New Horizons

    Allison Janney, the Critics' Choice Award-nominated actress, sat down with Ellen DeGeneres and opened up about the void left by her long-time co-star Anna Faris on the hit CBS comedy series "Mom." Faris, who had been part of the show since its 2013 debut, left her TV family and fans in 2020 to chase "new opportunities."

    Anna Faris: A 'Mom' No More

    "It was very odd," Janney admitted on Tuesday's Ellen DeGeneres Show, her voice tinged with nostalgia. "She's very missed. Anna is missed and her character on the show is missed."

    Anna Faris's departure from "Mom" wasn't just a loss for the cast, but a turning point in the storyline. The writers wrote off Faris's character, Christy, by granting her a full ride to Georgetown University to study law. The farewell scene, with Janney's Bonnie cracking about how "every mom dreams of the day they drop their 42-year-old off to go to school," was filled with humor and heart.

    Chasing New Opportunities and Leaving a Legacy

    As reported by Yahoo Entertainment, Faris's decision to leave the series was guided by her desire to explore "new opportunities." Her co-stars, while feeling her absence keenly, are supportive of her pursuit. "We're just happy that she's doing what she wants to do now," said Janney, expressing the collective sentiment of the cast.

    Anna Faris's absence hasn't stopped the show from continuing to thrive and gain accolades. Besides a nomination for Best Comedy Series, the show earned recognition for cast members like William Fichtner and Jaime Pressly. "It kind of is [a big deal], because the network shows tend to get pushed aside because there's so many good shows in all the other [platforms]," Janney remarked.

    What's Next for Anna Faris?

    Fans are keen to see what Faris has planned next. Besides her critically acclaimed roles in films and TV, she hosts the hit podcast, "Anna Faris is Unqualified." Her departure from "Mom" opens up new avenues for her to explore, and fans are eager to follow her on this exciting journey.

    "People love the show, so we're going to keep telling the stories as long as we can," Janney concluded, putting a positive spin on a bittersweet chapter.

    The show must go on, but Anna Faris's legacy as Christy will remain etched in the hearts of "Mom" fans and her co-stars alike. Here's to new beginnings and uncharted territories for this talented actress!

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