'Felt angry and hurt and humiliated” – Anna Faris reveals chilling details about working with Director Ivan Reitman in “My Super Ex-Girlfriend”

    Anna Faris exposes details of working under Ivan Reitman on “My Super Ex-Girlfriend,” recounting feeling “angry and humiliated” after being yelled at and slapped on set by the late director.

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    “I Was Like, ‘Don’t Cry. No Crying.’” – Anna Faris’ Haunting Recollection of the “Reign of Terror” with Ivan Reitman

    Anna Faris, the bright comedic actress, recently shed light on a dark corner of her past. In a candid interview on her podcast "Unqualified," she spoke with Lena Dunham about her troubling experience with the late director Ivan Reitman during the filming of “My Super Ex-Girlfriend.” Her revelations open a window into an industry that, at times, can be anything but glamorous.

    “I Was Terrified on My First Day” – Faris' First Encounter with Ivan Reitman

    On her first day of filming, an unfortunate accident with wig glue caused Faris to be “20 to 25 minutes” late to set, leading Reitman to unleash his anger on her. Faris recalled feeling “angry and hurt and humiliated and defensive,” as reported by NBC News.

    Source: Variety

    “He was like, ‘Annie, you can’t play like that around here!’ I was like, ‘Don’t do it. Don’t cry. No crying.’” Faris explained, reliving her effort to suppress her emotions. It wasn't until she explained the reason for her tardiness that Reitman finally backed off.

    “He Wouldn’t Have Done That to the Lead Male” – Gender Inequality and Harassment on Set

    Beyond the yelling, Faris revealed a shocking incident where Reitman slapped her butt in front of the crew. This was not a one-off event; back in 2017, she mentioned a similar occurrence but had not named Reitman as the perpetrator.

    “I was doing a scene where I was on a ladder and he slapped my a-- in front of the crew so hard. And all I could do was giggle,” Faris recounted, admitting how the incident made her feel small.

    A Reflection of a Troubling Past and a Call for Change

    Anna Faris' conversation with Lena Dunham sheds light on the troubling behavior of a renowned director and the culture that allowed it to go unchallenged. Her words resonate with raw emotion, offering a sobering reminder of how far the industry still has to go.

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    Her courage in sharing her story stands as a testament to her resilience and as an indictment of the toxic environments that persist in Hollywood. As the conversation around workplace harassment continues to evolve, Faris’ revelations serve as a beacon for others to come forward and to strive for an industry that values respect and dignity.

    So let's tip our hats to Anna Faris, not only for her talent but for her bravery in sharing a painful truth. It’s never easy to revisit old wounds, but it’s through such honesty that healing and change can truly begin.

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