'Something’s broken inside because he did it' - The heartache behind Richard Simmons' retreat from public life

    Looking back at Richard Simmons' mysterious disappearance from public life, the root cause, allegedly, was a debilitating knee injury.

    'Something’s broken inside because he did it' - The heartache behind Richard Simmons' retreat from public life

    Circling back to August 2022, we find ourselves amidst a cloud of mystery that had been surrounding beloved fitness guru, Richard Simmons. The enigma that prompted an entire podcast, Missing Richard Simmons, left fans and followers clamoring for answers. "I’m sure I will be feeling good and back home in a couple of days," was the elusive statement from Simmons, as reported by Vanity Fair.

    The "Key to the Disappearance" of Richard Simmons: A Damaged Knee?

    According to a documentary by TMZ Investigates, the riddle behind Simmons' retreat from the public eye in 2014 is allegedly due to a health predicament - a knee issue that demanded a replacement surgery. In the absence of which, the doctors had warned, the vibrant fitness enthusiast might never be able to exercise again. The prospect of surgery and becoming sedentary supposedly triggered a deep depression in Simmons.

    In the doc, a poignant note is struck, saying, "He walks with a cane and that explains a lot. He’s just not the same guy anymore." Apparently, the knee problem made Simmons reconsider his public image as he didn't want to be perceived as an old man.

    An Inside Look into Richard Simmons' World: Personal Struggles and Fierce Loyalty

    The documentary shed light on other elements in Simmons' life that might have contributed to his decision to recede from public view, like the demise of his eight dalmatians. Amidst all this, Simmons’s long-time housekeeper stood by him as a “fiercely loyal employee and friend.”

    Richard Simmons had a reputation as an eccentric fitness instructor who deeply valued the love of millions of fans. An anonymous LAPD detective suggested in the documentary that Simmons "doesn’t want to be remembered as this frail, old guy. He wanted to be remembered as a guy that millions of people loved and watched. That’s why he disappeared."

    However, Simmons was quick to deny the "disappearance" claims in 2017, instead hinting towards his poor health as the reason for his absence. "Aren’t you sick of hearing and reading about me?!," he quipped in a statement to People, trying to put an end to the rumors.

    The saga of Richard Simmons serves as a testament to the pressures of celebrity life, reminding us that even the most energetic stars can face moments of darkness behind the glittering facade.

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