'Strange Fascination': Unearthing the Lost Gem of David Bowie and Mickey Rourke’s Rap Collaboration!

    Dive back into 1987 when David Bowie teamed up with actor Mickey Rourke for a forgotten rap track, 'Shining Star,' on Bowie's 'Never Let Me Down' album.

    Mickey Rourke (Source: Digital Spy)

    Mickey Rourke (Source: Digital Spy)

    "Changes, Turn and Face the Strange": The Tale of David Bowie and Mickey Rourke's Forgettable Collaboration

    Call it a match made in...well, maybe not heaven. But it's a pair that got our "Rebel Rebel" hearts intrigued. Far Out Magazine unveiled on Jan 17, 2023, the details about how David Bowie and Mickey Rourke once joined forces in the studio. This odd collab resulted in ‘Shining Star (Makin’ My Love)’, an obscure track from Bowie’s 1987 album ‘Never Let Me Down’.

    "Is There Life on Mars?": The Downfall of Bowie's Creative Genius

    David Bowie, the Starman himself, was seemingly invincible. But even stars sometimes flicker. The album 'Never Let Me Down' came when Bowie was riding high on fame but low on creative mojo. After knocking out chart-toppers like 'Let's Dance' and 'Tonight', this one simply didn't make the cut. "It didn’t make me feel good. I felt dissatisfied with everything I was doing," Bowie bared his soul in retrospect.

    "I'm a Real Live Wire": Mickey Rourke’s Method Rapping

    Mickey Rourke (Source: IndieWire)

    Mickey Rourke, who was in London filming 'A Prayer for the Dying', casually asked Bowie if he could rap on his upcoming album. Bold move, right? And yet, Bowie welcomed Rourke's "method rapping" into his musical universe. The result? An unforgettable yet sadly overlooked piece of art. "It’s just a little love song coming out of that environment," Bowie mused, adding that changing voices to suit a song was all part of the game.

    "Let’s Dance!": Why We Can't Forget This Awkward Pairing

    Though Bowie may have been in a creative slump at the time, the "Heroes" singer still managed to intrigue us by teaming up with Mickey Rourke. Call it a blip on the radar or a forgotten masterpiece, but one thing's for sure: when Bowie and Rourke got together, it was anything but boring. For now, their collaborative rap track is a hidden treasure in Bowie's expansive discography—awaiting a brave new listener to stumble upon it.

    As we look back, we can't help but wonder: What was it about Mickey Rourke that drew Bowie into this fascinatingly strange alliance? Whatever it was, it remains a peculiar moment in the annals of music history that continues to beguile fans and perplex critics. So, dig out that vinyl, dust off the record player, and let Bowie and Rourke take you on a wild musical ride you won't soon forget.

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