'Stranger next to her husband': Ranbir Kapoor & Neetu Kapoor get trolled for 'isolating' Alia Bhatt at Animal screening

    Netizens troll Ranbir Kapoor and his mother Neetu Kapoor after Alia Bhatt is seen walking separately in the Animal screening. 

    Alia Bhatt, Neetu Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor in Animal screening

    Alia Bhatt, Neetu Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor in Animal screening

    Yesterday night (December 1), the cast and crew of Animal gathered under one roof for a delightful screening. The leading man Ranbir Kapoor graced the occasion with his mother Neetu Kapoor and wife Alia Bhatt. However, the actor and his mother were at the receiving end of some trolling since many netizens observed that Alia was left walking separately from them. The actress found herself mostly in the company of her mother Soni Razdan and her sister Shaheen Bhatt.

    Talking about the same, the videos from the event show Alia walking ahead with her mother and her sister while Ranbir along with his mother can be seen trailing behind. A specific video has been going viral wherein Alia can be seen sporting a little pensive expression as she stands inside a lift along with her husband and mother-in-law. No sooner did the video go viral than many netizens started trolling Ranbir and Neetu Kapoor. Take a look at the same.

    One of the netizens said, “Ranbir should learn from Ranveer singh and Vicky kaushal how to give respect to wife and mother at the same time …. Feeling sad for Alia.” While another user said, “She looks not happy at all, it looks like she is a stranger next to her husband coz her mother in law is in the middle and Ranbir doesnt feel bad at all.. so sad.” A netizen went on to add, “He only married her cause she was pregnant.: While a user said, “ranbir is more affectionate with his mother than his wife.” A netizen said, “I really feel bad for her ..how disgusting it is that u can't b with ur husband..coz ur Mother in law is tightly holding ur husband ..and he doesn't even tried to b with her for a moment..what type of Chemistry is it?”

    However, irrespective of these trolls, Alia was the perfect cheerleader for her husband. She was seen wearing a customized Animal tee with Ranbir’s character etched on it. She also gave her one-word verdict for the film to be ‘Khatarnak.’