Tamil movie Parking finds a special place in Oscars library

    Actor Harish Kalyan shared a picture of the screenplay of Parking becoming part of the Oscars library. 

    Parking (2023)

    Parking (2023)

    Actor Harish Kalyan was thrilled to share the news about his previous film Parking receiving one-of-its-kind appreciation from the Academy Awards. The screenplay of Parking has been inducted into the Permanent Core Collections of the Library of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

    Harish Kalyan shared a picture of the screenplay of Parking becoming part of the Oscars library and remarked, "A good film will always find its special place."

    "Grateful for this incredible journey. Thank you! Love to my team," he added.

    Parking is a small-budget domestic drama, written and directed by debutant Ramkumar Balakrishnan. The narrative revolves around two warring neighbours fighting over a parking spot.

    The movie is set against the backdrop of a heavily populated neighbourhood in Chennai. The poor planning of the residential areas leaves no space for its inhabitants to park their cars.

    Harish Kalyan's character, Eshwar, and his heavily pregnant wife move into a home in Chennai. They soon become close with their downstairs neighbours, an elderly couple and their unmarried daughters. They seem to get along well at first, but things begin to spiral out of control when Eshwar buys a new car. The compound has only one parking space, and Eshwar's little brush-ups with his neighbour Ilamparuthi (played by M. S. Bhaskar) turn into a full-fledged war for the shared parking space.

    The ego flare-ups between the two men soon escalate into a street fight, to the point where they try to kill each other. Two law-abiding, mellow men turn homicidal over a parking spot.

    Parking opened to positive reviews. However, the film didn't perform well at the box office due to floods in Chennai.

    Parking also recently made headlines after the filmmakers managed to sell the remake rights to filmmakers across the country.