The Legend Of Hanuman season 4 trailer: Ravan and Kumbhakarna take center stage

    Season four of Legend Of Hanuman promises an engaging drama with epic battles and heartfelt drama.

    The Legend Of Hanuman Season 4

    The Legend Of Hanuman Season 4

    The trailer for the fourth season of the popular animated series The Legend Of Hanuman was released on Friday. Based on the mythological stories of Lord Hanuman, the upcoming season seems to tackle life's bigger questions.

    The trailer begins with Ravan expressing his frustrations about facing a series of defeats at the hands of his rivals. He claims that he's done with playing by the rules and comes up with a master plan to wake up a force that might turn the odds in his favour. Enter Kumbhakarna, the brother of Ravan.

    Kumbhakarna is known for his insatiable appetite and incredibly long periods of sleep. According to various versions of the Ramayana, Kumbhakarna slept for either six months or twelve months at a time, and when awake, he would eat massive quantities of food. However, excessive sleeping and eating were not the only traits that defined the legend of Kumbhakarna.

    Kumbhakarna possessed immense physical strength and was considered a formidable warrior. He was also fiercely loyal to his brother Ravan.

    When Ravan wakes up Kumbhakarna and unleashes him on his rivals, destruction ensues. Lord Hanuman seems to struggle to keep up with Kumbhakarna in a fistfight. The challenges test Hanuman's grit, will, and faith. However, he finds the strength to defeat the formidable rival within himself and gains the power to grow in stature to face Kumbhakarna. Hanuman achieves the status of 'gyan gun sagar', the ocean of wisdom.

    Seasoned actor Sharad Kelkar has lent his voice to Ravan in the upcoming season. The new season will start streaming on Disney+ Hotstar on June 5.

    The legend of Lord Hanuman has been the flavour of the season across various mediums of Indian entertainment. Earlier this year, Telugu director Prasanth Varma scored a big hit with HanuMan, a superhero movie inspired by the legend of Hanuman.