'There should be strict rules for such fools' : Kangana Ranaut slams a woman wearing short dress at a Himachal Pradesh temple

    Kangana Ranaut slams a woman who entered a temple in Himachal Pradesh in short clothes. However, netizens call her a hypocrite. 

    Kangana Ranaut  movie mafia

    Kangana Ranaut movie mafia

    Actress Kangana Ranaut recently slammed a woman who was wearing a sleeveless top and shorts at a temple in Himachal Pradesh. She quoted a tweet from another Twitter user who had shared a picture of the said woman in the temple stating that people wearing such dresses should not be allowed in temples. Kangana agreed to the same and also narrated her own personal experience when she visited the Vatican.

    Quoting the tweet, Kangana Ranaut said, “These are western clothes, invented and promoted by white people, I was once at the Vatican wearing shorts and a t-shirt, I wasn’t even allowed in the premises, I had to go back to my hotel and change…. These clowns who wear night dresses like they are casual are nothing but lazy and lame ….. I don’t think they are capable of having any other intention but there should be strict rules for such fools.” Take a look at her tweet.

    However, while some fans agreed with her statement, many netizens called Kangana Ranaut an alleged hypocrite stating that she has herself worn revealing clothes in her films and during public appearances. One of the users lashed out at the Tanu Weds Manu Returns actress saying, “Being a public figure and shaming people from her official account just to vent out her poison this woman needs to get over herself.” Another netizen also called out Kangana by stating, “The person being referenced is probably a kid, teenager, or a young adult. You can’t see their face but you are comfortable speaking poorly of them literally behind their back, with your judgment on their sense of dressing when visiting a temple.. speaks volumes of your values.”

    Meanwhile, on the work front, Kangana Ranaut is gearing up for her film Emergency. She has directed the same herself and will be playing former Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi. She also has the movie Tejas in the pipeline.