'This whole night is such a disaster' - Khloé Kardashian’s hilarious misadventures at People's Choice Awards

    Khloé Kardashian had a hilariously jittery experience at the People's Choice Awards, from wardrobe malfunctions to missing her own award announcement.

    <p>Source: People</p>

    Ah! The unpredictability of live award shows! Just ask Khloé Kardashian, mogul and reality star extraordinaire, who recently lived the phrase "expect the unexpected" to its fullest at the People's Choice Awards. Khloé, who was up for best reality star, graced the awards sporting a stunning black off-the-shoulder tuxedo pantsuit, her hair elegantly styled in a lush coif. Yet, as fate would have it, her star-studded night took a funny turn. 

    “I’m super grateful, but for this one in particular, just getting nominated means so much because it’s been — you know I’ve had a little tough year,” she expressed to the cameras through People Magazine. 

    The Emergence of the Unexpected

    Upon her arrival at the famed venue, the Good American founder was seen off to the side, adjusting her outfit alongside long-time friend Malika Haqq. Khloé's zipper actually gave out, but after promptly being sewn into her garments, she thought she was in the clear. The only catch — "not a droplet of water" could pass her lips, lest her outfit need to be adroitly sliced open to facilitate a restroom break. 

    Yet, Mother Nature had other plans for Khloé. Next up, her hair extensions rebelliously plunged onto her face, calling for further quick fixes. "This whole night is such a disaster,” she vocalized, her night of glamour morphing into an eventful comedy. 

    The Awards, the Rush, and the Laughter

    When "The Kardashians" win for the best reality show, matriarch Kris Jenner realized Khloé had mysteriously vanished just as her daughter was announced the best reality star of 2022. 

    "When I get to the stage, I’m panting like a dog,” she says. “This is live TV, it’s mortifying.” She then shared with the audience she was frantically fixing her hair backstage, before dashing off in search of a restroom. 

    “Those things only happen to Khloé though — only Khloé,”Malika humorously mused as Khloé emerged from a Porta-Potty, extensions in hand. 

    Keeping her sense of humor intact, Khloé shared, “I try to show that life isn’t always pretty at times and laughter is the best medicine." Indeed, little did she know that her night of enchanting glamour would end up with her in a Porta-Potty, armed with a fistful of rogue hair extensions. 

    "I didn’t even get the award, they mail it to me later," she wrapped up her anecdote, revealing the award show's slightly less glamorous realities. 

    As she stepped into her car, Khloé took a resolute breath, exclaiming, “What a whirlwind!” Spot on, Khloé. Spot on.

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