Tom Sandoval's Vanderpump Rules journey: From reality TV triumph to personal downfall

    Amidst the fallout from his controversial actions, Tom Sandoval faces widespread criticism.

    Tom Sandoval (Source: Instagram)

    Tom Sandoval (Source: Instagram)

    Tom Sandoval's recent interview was both captivating and unpredictable. At 41, he engaged in a candid conversation with The New York Times Magazine, published on February 20. The discussion delved into Sandoval's reflections on the explosive impact of his affair with Rachel 'Raquel' Leviss on the Bravo universe and how he navigated the aftermath. Yet, the standout moments came from Sandoval's casual remarks about the tumultuous past year of his life.

    Scandoval is the moniker for Sandoval's clandestine affair with a fellow cast member, conducted without the knowledge of the show's producers and his girlfriend of nine years.

    Offscreen Fallout

    The narrative extended beyond the screen. Following the season's airing, Raquel Leviss, Sandoval's affair partner, checked into a mental-health facility in Arizona and adopted a new name. Meanwhile, Ariana Madix, Sandoval's former girlfriend, received significant national sympathy, leading to the most successful year of her career.

    Sandoval, on the other hand, found himself vilified nationwide, becoming the subject of countless jokes. Jennifer Lawrence poked fun at his appearance, while Amy Schumer labeled him a narcissist.One of the hosts of “The View” likened him to “the Donald Trump of ex-boyfriends.”

    Sandoval's Reflections on Public Backlash

    Sandoval expressed feeling overwhelmed by the backlash, stating, "I feel like I got more hate than Danny Masterson, and he’s a convicted rapist." His comparisons extended further, referencing O.J. Simpson and George Floyd. He also acknowledged a shift in his perspective on reality TV since assuming the role of the villain on season 11 of Vanderpump Rules.

    When asked the Vanderpump Rules star about his thoughts on Scandoval's rise to pop culture prominence. Sandoval admitted he wasn't deeply versed in pop culture history but mentioned witnessing events like the O.J. Simpson case and George Floyd. He found it peculiar to draw parallels between those events and Scandoval's situation but wondered if there might be some strange similarity.

    Amid public scrutiny and comparisons to infamous figures, Tom Sandoval has found himself at the center of controversy. Reflecting on the aftermath of his actions and the unexpected backlash, Sandoval has taken steps to address the situation by issuing an apology for his statements during the interview.