'We will revoke the license'": Vietnam's stand against Dreamworks' 'Abominable' movie

    Dreamworks' 'Abominable' was banned in Vietnam due to the display of a map acknowledging China's disputed claim over the South China Sea, sparking international controversy.

    <p>Source: Fox News</p>

    Navigating Choppy Waters: Dreamworks and the South China Sea Storm

    Dreamworks, a leading name in the animation world, found itself embroiled in a geopolitical controversy back in 2019. As reported by Yahoo Entertainment, Vietnam banned the studio's film 'Abominable' because of a controversial scene featuring a map. This map wasn't just any geographical representation, but it staked China's contentious claim over the disputed South China Sea, infamously referred to as the "nine-dash line."

    Caught in the Crossfire: 'Abominable' Movie and the Nine-Dash Line Controversy

    The animation film, directed by Jill Culton of "Monsters, Inc." fame, follows a Chinese girl who embarks on a journey to the Himalayas with a Yeti she finds on her roof. However, the adorable storyline was overshadowed by the visual presentation of a controversial map. A still from 'Abominable' circulated widely on Twitter, clearly showing a variant of the dashed line in the South China Sea.

    This seemingly innocent inclusion didn't sit well with Vietnamese authorities, given the hotly disputed nature of the region. Vietnam, China, and several other countries including Malaysia and the Philippines have overlapping claims to the sea. Amidst increasing Chinese vessel activities in Vietnamese waters, Vietnam's Deputy Culture Minister, Ta Quang Dong, took a stern stance. "We will revoke [the film's license]," he stated, making it clear that the movie wouldn't be screened in Vietnamese theaters.

    The Fallout: Repercussions of the 'Abominable' Controversy

    The decision was a direct response to the contentious map scene, causing the movie to be pulled after a mere nine days of screening. Senator Tom Cottons of Arkansas criticized Dreamworks, stating that the animation studio was "kowtowing to the Chinese Communist Party."

    This controversy proved that even animation movies aren't immune from geopolitical tensions. The inclusion of the "nine-dash line" in 'Abominable' is a stark reminder of the balancing act that international studios must perform, navigating between creative expression and sensitivity towards global issues.

    Looking back, the Dreamworks 'Abominable' controversy is a significant episode in the narrative of entertainment vs. geopolitics, illuminating the intricate relationship between cinema and international politics. It underscores the importance of meticulous research and cultural sensitivity when dealing with subjects of global contention.

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