'You bring out their natural beauty'- Hollywood stars honor their makeup artists, Rachel McAdams reveals special bond with her sister.

    In an emotional reunion at Variety’s Makeup Artistry Dinner, Rachel McAdams honors her sister and makeup artist, Kayleen. Other stars join the actress to celebrate the power of makeup and the relationships formed with their artists.

    <p>Rachel McAdams and Kayleen McAdams (Source: HuffPost)</p>

    A look back at a starry night in early 2020, when Hollywood's brightest beauties gathered to honor the unsung heroes behind their radiant appearances - their makeup artists. At the helm of this emotional evening, as reported by Variety, was the affable Rachel McAdams, paying tribute to her personal makeup artist, who is none other than her own sister, Kayleen McAdams.

    "Beauty Runs in the Family"

    In a remarkable display of familial solidarity, Rachel recounted their shared history, painting a picture of their early years as junior figure skaters. "You are truly one of the hardest working women I have ever met and I think you get that from our dad, who shovels the snow off the driveway before it even hits the ground," the "Doctor Strange" actress affectionately said of her sister.

    As siblings with a shared passion for beauty and a close-knit relationship, their saga involves Rachel applying "blue eyeshadow, purple eyeliner, blush and gobs of sparkle" and even singeing Kayleen's hair with a curling iron! What stood out in the midst of these hilarious revelations was Rachel's unwavering pride in her sister's hard work and dedication.

    "Makeup: A Powerful Tool for Confidence"

    The event served as a platform to highlight the intimate relationship between the stars and their makeup artists. Moretz, who was only 13 when she started working with Quynh, revealed how her makeup artist helped her navigate her teenage years with grace. "She covered it up and she never judged me and she gave me the confidence to be able to go out there and face the world and not feel self-conscious," Moretz gratefully expressed.

    The evening concluded on a heartfelt note, with Maya Rudolph expressing her admiration for her makeup artist Stern, who made her feel beautiful inside and out. Her words resonated with everyone present, "You bring out their natural beauty."

    The Variety’s Makeup Artistry Dinner served as a testament to the transformative power of makeup and the deep bonds formed between these celebrities and their artists. However, for Rachel McAdams, the event was all the more special because it gave her a chance to shine a light on her sister's talent, cementing the notion that makeup is more than just an artistic skill - it's a tool for enhancing confidence, fostering relationships, and celebrating the resilience of hard-working women like Kayleen McAdams.

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