'What Could Go Wrong?': Josh Hartnett's Return in 'Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre' and Why It Matters

    A sizzling throwback to 'Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre,' which unveiled the "Star Recruit" Josh Hartnett alongside a stellar cast.

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    Ah, cinema's evergreen questions like "To be or not to be?" have a new comrade: "What could go wrong?". That's what fans of Josh Hartnett were asking as he took on a role that was anything but stereotypical in Guy Ritchie's thriller, 'Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre.'

    Waiting is the Hardest Part: The Film's Rollercoaster Release

    Originally slated for January 2021, the movie underwent a mysterious disappearing act from the release schedule, as reported by Collider. It was only in March 2023 that U.S. audiences got a taste of this international potboiler. Co-financed by Miramax and SFX Entertainment, the film was a revelation for those who got the chance to witness it in theaters.

    Meet the Star Recruit: Josh Hartnett's Unconventional Espionage Journey

    Not just another pretty face, Josh Hartnett played Danny Francesco, the billionaire's favorite Hollywood actor blackmailed into a plot to save the world. Labelled as the "Star Recruit" in a team featuring labels like "Tech Genius" for Aubrey Plaza and "Superspy" for Jason Statham, Hartnett's character was the unlikely linchpin in a tale of high stakes and higher danger. The casting was as eclectic as Ritchie's earlier ensembles, but Hartnett's Francesco stole the spotlight.

    From "Tech Genius" to "Supervillain": The Ensemble That Made It Work

    The character posters released by Lionsgate ahead of the U.S. debut were telling. Each character, from Hugh Grant's menacing "Supervillain" to Cary Elwes' assertive "Shot Caller," fit their roles like tailored tuxedos. Yet, it was Hartnett's "Star Recruit" that had people talking, proving that sometimes the most unexpected choices yield the most unforgettable performances.

    Guy Ritchie, ever the magician with ensemble casts, struck gold again. But this time, the sparkle came in the form of Josh Hartnett, our Hollywood Houdini who made us believe in the impossible: that a "Star Recruit" could outshine a "Superspy."

    For anyone who missed this pulse-pounding flick, you missed more than just a movie. You missed a cinematic phenomenon that could only be summarized by Josh Hartnett's character's own question: "What could go wrong?"

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