When Sebastian Stan couldn't recognize Pam & Tommy co-star Lily James

    Revisiting the days when Sebastian Stan was left stunned by co-star Lily James' jaw-dropping transformation into Pamela Anderson for the 'Pam & Tommy' biopic on Hulu.

    <p>Sebastian Stan</p>

    Sebastian Stan

    Gone are the days when biopic transformations were merely about adopting a new accent or hairstyle. The Hulu biopic 'Pam & Tommy' left fans and even co-stars flabbergasted, especially with the metamorphosis of the British beauty, Lily James, into the iconic Pamela Anderson.

    The Face Behind the Makeup

    James' transformation was so profound that her co-star Sebastian Stan, portraying the wild drummer Tommy Lee, was left in disbelief! Stan humorously mentioned in an interview that "the first time I saw her as herself was actually at the end of the shoot." Imagine working with someone for five months and then barely recognizing them when the cameras stop rolling!

    A Trip Down the Controversial Lane

    The biopic centers on the whirlwind romance of Anderson and Lee, who made headlines with their hasty wedding in 1995 after just 96 hours of knowing each other. The series doesn't just stop at their passionate love story but also touches upon their scandalous leaked honeymoon tape, with Seth Rogen stepping into the shoes of the man behind the infamous leak.

    Remember those first-look images Hulu tantalizingly released in May 2021? The uncanny resemblance of James to the 'Baywatch' queen sent fans into a tizzy. From the bleach-blond hair to the bold dark eye makeup and sultry leather attire, James was the spitting image of Anderson. And let's not forget the playful recreation of Anderson and Lee's 2005 'Comedy Central Roast' after-party, where James cheekily nibbled at Stan's on-point nipple piercing!

    Lily James in 'Pam and Tommy' (2022) (Source: Harper's Bazaar)

    Stan, in his characteristic witty style, revealed that while his transformation took two hours daily, James had to endure a three-hour beauty marathon every morning. Considering the staggering visuals, the dedication clearly paid off.

    In today's world of CGI wonders, the magic of makeup and dedication of actors like Sebastian Stan and Lily James remind us of the raw authenticity of the craft. As we nostalgically revisit the bygone days of early 2022, 'Pam & Tommy' stands as a testament to the boundaries artists push for cinematic brilliance.

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