'Will Taylor Swift ever win an Oscar?' A look at her 2023 snub and past misses on the big night

    The 2023 Oscars have snubbed Taylor Swift yet again, leaving fans dismayed. Despite receiving nominations for her song “Carolina” in various awards, Swift has yet to get the nod for Best Original Song at the Academy Awards. Fans eagerly await her upcoming feature-length film with Searchlight Pictures, hoping for a turnaround.

    Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift

    It's déjà vu in Tinseltown as Taylor Swift finds herself on the outside looking in at the Oscars. Despite the anticipation and buzz surrounding her song "Carolina," the golden statuette remains elusive. What is it about Swift's mainstream appeal that seems to work against her?

    The Repeated Snubbing of Swift

    If you're keeping count, this isn't Swift's first rodeo with the Academy. The songs "Safe & Sound," "Sweeter Than Fiction," and "Beautiful Ghosts" all flirted with Oscar glory but never made it to the big dance. "Fans live in hope," as reported by Elite Daily, but they've been left waiting once again.

    The song "Carolina," featured in the 2022 murder mystery film Where The Crawdads Sing, won praise and nominations from the Golden Globes, Grammys, and Critics’ Choice Awards. It even appeared on the Oscars' shortlist, but once again, no cigar.

    The Road Ahead for Taylor's Movie Career

    Swift's fans were "very much not OK with it." Their frustration seems justified. After all, Swift didn't just make music in 2022; she dipped her toes into directing and acting with "All Too Well: The Short Film." But even those efforts were ignored by the Academy.

    What's next for Swift? Perhaps her first feature-length film with Searchlight Pictures will be the key to unlocking her Oscar dreams. One thing is for sure: her fans and the industry will be watching with bated breath.

    In the words of one of her most ardent supporters: "'Live in hope.' Perhaps Swift will finally land that someday Oscar nomination."

    The 95th Academy Awards ceremony may have aired on March 12, but the conversation surrounding Swift's snubbing isn't going anywhere. As she moves forward, the big question remains: Will Taylor Swift ever win an Oscar? Only time will tell, and her fans continue to live in hope.

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