WWE star Hulk Hogan ties the knot for the third time at 70, here's all you need to know about his wife Sky Daily

    WWE star Hulk Hogan gets married for the third time to Sky Daily. Here's all you need to know about her. 

    Hulk Hogan with wife Sky Daily

    Hulk Hogan with wife Sky Daily

    Retired WWE Champion Hulk Hogan has married for the third time at the age of 70. He tied the knot with 45-year-old Sky Daily in an intimate but fairytale ceremony in Florida on September 22, 2023. Their wedding comes two months after they announced their engagement to the world.

    How did Hulk Hogan and Sky Daily meet?

    Talking about his new bride Sky Daily, she and Hulk Hogan met at a bar. In her now-private Instagram account, she had earlier shared a video wherein her husband could be recalling how they met. According to a news report in the Los Angeles Times, Hogan had sent a drink over to a group of women which also included Sky. When one of her friends approached him, he enquired, “Who's the blond?" He went on to say, “So I spotted Sky and we sat down, we talked. And then when I got in my car, there was just bang, bang, bang, bang on the window. It scared the hell out of me, so I put the window down." He then said that it was one of Daily’s friends who urged him to date the latter since she was a nice girl. He had furthermore stated, “It made me think twice about just ghosting and going home and never calling.” Take a look at their beautiful wedding video.

    Sky Daily works in the fitness industry

    Even though Sky Daily’s Instagram account is private, her bio reads that she has been working as a yoga instructor in the fitness industry. Sky also has three children from presumably her past relationship - a daughter and two sons. They were also in attendance at her wedding with Hulk Hogan. Hogan’s son Nick Hogan from his first wife Linda Claridge. He also shares a daughter named Brooke with her.

    Hulk Hogan had married Linda Claridge in 1983. While he was 30, she was 24 years of age. The couple separated in 2009 and Hogan tied the knot with Jennifer McDaniel the following year. However, the duo went on to split in 2021.