'This set is really fun': Patrick Schwarzenegger compares "The Boys" spinoff to 'Euphoria' meets superheroes!

'This set is really fun': Patrick Schwarzenegger compares "The Boys" spinoff to 'Euphoria' meets superheroes!

Welcome back to a tantalizing edition of "Just for Variety"! In the Hollywood limelight, where secrets are seldom kept, Patrick Schwarzenegger teases his enigmatic role in Amazon's upcoming spinoff of "The Boys." It's so mysterious, even his father, Arnold Schwarzenegger, was left bewildered.

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A Golden Opportunity – From Homelander to Golden Boy?

Years ago, Patrick Schwarzenegger auditioned for the character of Homelander in "The Boys," but it was the spinoff that reached out to him. Though details remain tight-lipped, he finally got to read the scripts once cast and was thrilled. "'OK, it’s 'The Boys.' I know it’s going to be something crazy but it’s an amazing show,'" Patrick said, as reported by Variety.

Even his description of the project has fans on edge. "'This set is really fun, and there’s just a loosey-goosey comedy. It’s kind of like ‘Euphoria’ meets superheroes,'" he quipped. His parents, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, are warned to "be in for a loop."

Taking Steps Up the Staircase – Patrick's Triumph in "The Staircase"


Source: NPR

Aside from his hush-hush role in "The Boys," Patrick's portrayal of Todd Peterson in HBO Max's "The Staircase" has garnered critical acclaim. He fully embraced Todd's inner turmoil, battling addiction and questioning his sexuality. Some explicit scenes exploring his sexual identity didn't make the final cut, but Patrick reveals more in-depth investigations into the character.

On the mysterious owl theory in "The Staircase" and his character's father's guilt, Patrick confidently stated, "'I do think it was him.'" A comment even leading to his mother feeling upset!

Conclusion: A New Era for Schwarzenegger – From "Benchwarmers" to "The Boys"

From making his acting debut at 10 in "The Benchwarmers" to staking his claim in major productions like "The Boys" and "The Staircase," Patrick Schwarzenegger's rise has been nothing short of meteoric. His talent for diving into complex characters and his willingness to explore new territories make him one of the most exciting actors to watch.

This enigmatic young star surely has more surprises up his sleeve. As fans eagerly await his appearance in "The Boys" spinoff, one thing is for sure: Patrick Schwarzenegger is taking Hollywood by storm, and we're all here for the ride.

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