'You have to watch an episode to understand': Patrick Schwarzenegger spills details on The Boys college spinoff

    Patrick Schwarzenegger, star of Amazon's spinoff of "The Boys", left his dad Arnold Schwarzenegger shocked with set photos. Originally up for the Homelander role, Patrick hints at wild times ahead.

    'You have to watch an episode to understand': Patrick Schwarzenegger spills details on The Boys college spinoff

    The year was 2022, and there was a show brewing in Amazon's cauldron that was already making waves. But the surprising twist? The buzz wasn't just about the show, but about the legacy it was touching.

    "It Runs in the Family!": A Schwarzenegger Stint on Amazon's Hit Series

    When you hear the name Schwarzenegger, a few things might come to mind. The Terminator, maybe? Or the former Governor of California? But as of 2022, the name took on another Hollywood dimension thanks to Patrick Schwarzenegger. This dashing star, who caught our eyes in HBO's "The Staircase", was making headlines yet again, this time with Amazon's raging success - "The Boys".

    "Bringing the Schwarzenegger Charm": While "The Boys" gained rapid success, prompting Amazon to launch its spinoff "The Diabolical", what was most intriguing was the involvement of young Schwarzenegger. What kind of charm was he about to bring? Well, according to Patrick, it was something that even had the Commando-star, Arnold Schwarzenegger, stunned. “He looked at me and he was like, ‘What the f*ck are you filming?’” Patrick reminisced, as reported by Variety.

    "Could We Have Seen a Different Homelander?": There's always a what-if in Hollywood. And this one is tantalizing. Imagine, for a moment, that it wasn't Antony Starr we celebrated as Homelander. Patrick Schwarzenegger was already in line for the iconic role. While Starr undeniably made Homelander the character we love to hate, knowing that Patrick was almost there makes us wonder what shades he would have brought to the table.

    In Retrospect: Looking back, this was a period of Hollywood crossovers, legacy, and new-age storylines intermingling. Patrick Schwarzenegger's involvement with "The Boys" spinoff was just one testament to this golden era of television. From proud son showing off set photos to a legendary father's wide-eyed reaction, this was a tale of two Schwarzeneggers, bridging the old with the new.

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