'A wolf like me isn’t for guys like you': When Shakira took a surprising aim at Gerard Piqué

    Shakira addressed her breakup with Gerard Piqué in a BZRP Music Session, taking a strong stance in the wake of their split

    <p>Shakira and Gerard Pique (Source: Vanity Fair)</p>

    Shakira and Gerard Pique (Source: Vanity Fair)

    When Shakira took the mic during the BZRP Music Session on YouTube, fans were treated to an unexpected revelation. The Colombian superstar dropped a lyrical bombshell, addressing her breakup with footballer Gerard Piqué in a manner that no one saw coming. The high-profile couple had called it quits last year after 11 long years together, as reported by Rolling Stone.

    'A Wolf Like Me Isn’t for Guys Like You': Shakira's Biting Remark at Gerard Piqué

    As the electronic beats pounded in the background, Shakira reminded fans of the superstar she is, confronting her separation from Piqué head-on. “Una loba como yo no esta pa’ tipos como tu (A wolf like me isn’t for guys like you)," she boldly declared, harking back to her 2009 hit, "She Wolf."

    Shakira at BZRP music session 2023 (Source: NPR)

    “I won’t get back with you, not if you cry, not even if you beg me,” Shakira sang in Spanish, serving up one of the most cutting lines. She continued, "It’s clear that it’s not my fault if they criticize you. I just make music, sorry if it splashes you." The pause she took, emphasizing “pique” in the Spanish word “salpique,” was a clear indication of the song being about her ex.

    The Heartfelt Tracks: Shakira's Musical Journey Post Gerard Piqué

    This track marked Shakira's latest release, following her collaboration with Ozuna, "Monotonía", which debuted last October. The video echoed sentiments of her breakup, depicting Shakira wandering through the streets, her heart exposed and trampled upon by passersby. Prior to that, she released "Te Felecito", a lively track featuring Rauw Alejandro. This song, which was launched in April of the previous year, topped Billboard’s Latin Airplay chart and signaled Shakira's return to the studio.

    Shakira and Ozuna in Monotonia (Source: Variety)

    Fans worldwide are eagerly awaiting Shakira's upcoming album, expected to drop later this year. The recent BZRP session, however, gave listeners a taste of Shakira's raw emotions and vulnerability, spotlighting a superstar navigating the aftermath of a high-profile split.

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