'Angela is too fabulous' - Director teases Bassett's role in future Mission: Impossible installments

    Director Christopher McQuarrie hints at Angela Bassett's possible return in the Mission: Impossible franchise, despite her withdrawal from MI7 due to COVID restrictions.

    <p>Angela Bassett(Source: People)</p>

    Angela Bassett(Source: People)

    When the director of a blockbuster movie franchise says, "We're not done with Angela Bassett", you know there's something big in store. At the *Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One* red carpet, director Christopher McQuarrie hinted that Angela Bassett's character Erika Sloane might be making a triumphant return.

    Bassett, who is currently riding the crest of high demand, could not be lured back into the world of impossible missions by Ethan Hunt himself. But according to McQuarrie, the end of her stint as the indomitable Erika Sloane is not quite in sight.

    Bassett's Bountiful Role

    In a recent chat with Variety, McQuarrie revealed the juicy details of what could have been Bassett's role in the latest Mission Impossible installment. As reported by Entertainment Weekly, he said, "t's interesting, she was going to be the head of the CIA, she was going to be in that room with all the other heads of the intelligence community that you meet".

    Sadly, Bassett had to bow out of MI7 due to COVID travel restrictions, but that doesn't mean her tenure in the franchise is over.

    Never Say Goodbye to Angela

    Bassett made her franchise debut as the newly-appointed Director of the CIA in Mission: Impossible – Fallout back in 2018, stepping into the shoes of Alec Baldwin's Alan Hunley. 

    When asked if this was the last fans would see of Erika Sloane, McQuarrie assured, "Angela is too fabulous. You can never, ever let Angela get away." Going by his comments, it seems Bassett's exit from the franchise is not permanent and her character Erika Sloane could be back in the near future.

    Fans will now eagerly wait to see when and how Bassett's Erika Sloane makes a return to the *Mission: Impossible* world.

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