'Ooh, there's some weird rumors' - Hayley Atwell clarifies Tom Cruise romance rumors at New York premiere

    Hayley Atwell dazzled the red carpet at the New York City premiere of Mission: Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One, confronting rumors about a romance with co-star Tom Cruise, and revealing her recent engagement to songwriter Ned Wolfgang Kelly.

    <p>Haley Atwell and Tom Cruise(Source: THR)</p>

    Haley Atwell and Tom Cruise(Source: THR)

    New York City came alive last Monday as Hayley Atwell illuminated the red carpet with her dazzling presence at the much-anticipated premiere of the latest in the 'Mission: Impossible' franchise, Dead Reckoning Part One.

    Decked out in a glimmering silver gown and accessorized with statement silver strand earrings, Atwell, known for her role as Grace in the film, was the epitome of glamour at the star-studded event, held at the prestigious Rose Theater, Jazz at Lincoln Center, as reported by Daily Mail.

    A Red Carpet Moment to Remember

    Setting a riveting fashion statement, Atwell's shimmering ensemble effortlessly stole the limelight. But the British beauty didn't stop at merely enchanting the paparazzi with her striking ensemble. She also took the opportunity to dispel swirling rumors regarding her off-screen relationship with none other than her on-screen partner, Tom Cruise, leaving everyone gasping.

    Atwell's statement about the rumors was nothing short of powerful. She stated in a recent interview with The Independent, "Ooh, there’s some weird rumors, and it feels base, it feels a little dirty, it feels grubby, it’s not what I’m about". Her eloquence and candor in tackling baseless assumptions about her professional relationship have left the gossip mill running dry.

    Mission: Love Impossible

    While Atwell's chemistry with Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible has been making headlines, the reality of her love life is much different and no less enchanting. Atwell is not only a star on the rise but also a newly engaged woman, her heart won over by songwriter and composer Ned Wolfgang Kelly.

    Ned announced their engagement on Instagram with an endearing message, "Lucky me. Arrived in Venice at 10 am, around midday the love of my life and I got engaged...". The love-struck songwriter painted a picture of their unique proposal, filling the hearts of their fans with joy and anticipation for what their future holds.

    Atwell was also seen at the *Mission: Impossible* premiere in Sydney earlier in July donning her sparkly diamond ring, a symbol of her commitment to Ned and an impressive accessory to any red carpet look.

    As Atwell continues to take on *Mission: Impossible* and her journey in love, fans can only hold their breath in anticipation for what she'll do next. After all, when it comes to Hayley Atwell, it seems the mission is always possible.

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