Aparichitudu re-release continues to excite; is Anniyan re-release on the cards?

    The re-release of Aparichitudu, the Telugu version of Vikram's Anniyan, is seeing a thunderous reception in theatres. In the season of re-releases, Tamil film enthusiasts are now looking forward to watching Anniyan in theatres again



    After a dry summer at the theatres, Telugu audiences have been treated to an entertaining watch with the re-release of Vikram and director S. Shankar’s iconic film Aparichitudu (the Telugu version of the hit 2005 film Anniyan). Nearly 19 years since its original release, the film is being received with great joy across Telugu states, with videos of fans celebrating at theatres circulating widely on social media.

    Now, with Aparichitudu getting a re-release, Tamil fans are now demanding that Anniyan also be re-released. Taking up the cause online, one social media user wrote, “When is Anniyan releasing in TN?" Another user wrote, "Shankar, this is you. Harris Jayaraj, this is you. Manikandan, this is you. VIKRAM, this is you.”

    Telugu fans celebrate Aparichitudu's re-release 

    Telugu film fans, who have not had many interesting releases this May, were eagerly awaiting a major release. The re-release of Aparichitudu has taken the fans by storm, with some becoming the Anniyan characters. A video from one theatre shows a man enacting a scene from the film that got whistles and hoots from the audience. In another video, fans are seen setting off party poppers during whistle-worthy scenes. 

    It is interesting to note that many netizens have been requesting director Shankar to make a standalone film featuring Vikram’s character Rules Ramanujam from the film. “@shankarshanmugh sir, can you make a standalone film for Rules Ramanujam?” one user wrote.

    Can Aparichitudu beat the records of big Telugu films this year?

    The re-release of Aparichitudu is serving as a test for current Telugu releases. Recently, the re-release of Vijay’s Gilli shattered records at the box office and emerged as the highest-grossing film among other re-releases. But will this work at the Telugu box office as well? Will Aparichitudu be able to overtake the numbers raked in by films such as HanuMan and Guntur Kaaram? Only time will tell, but nonetheless, this re-release of a Telugu-dubbed Tamil film has become the talk on the internet.