Avatar: The Way of Water's Indian box office collection nears 100 crore on day 2

    The sequel got the second-best opening for a Hollywood movie in India. Avatar 2 had a massive jump in collections on Day 2.


    Avatar: The Way of Water hit theaters worldwide this Friday to rave reviews, on its opening day the movie grossed an impressive 50 crores at the Indian box office.

    The movie has the second-best opening for a Hollywood movie in India taking the number two spot from Avenger: Infinity War, which grossed 40 crores on its opening day.

    According to reports, on day 2 the movie grossed around 44-46 crores bringing the total two-day collection to nearly 100 cores. current estimates predict that the film will gross about 130 crores in its opening weekend in India.

    But considering the positive reviews from critics and the praise, it is receiving online from audiences the movie just might end up grossing close to 200 crores in India.

    In the United States, the movie grossed 53 million dollars on its opening day, with the sequel estimated to gross somewhere around 145–179 million in its opening weekend from the domestic market.

    As of today Avatar: The Way of Water grossed 189 million dollars worldwide.

    The Sequel is off to a better start at the US box office than Avatar, which only grossed around 26 million on its opening day and did end up crossing the one billion mark in just 19 days, hopefully, the sequel can pull off something similar or better yet surpass it.

    Currently, there are three more sequels in the Avatar franchise planned with part three currently in post-production and set to release worldwide in 2024.

    Avatar 2 has a massive budget of around 400 million, making it one of the most expensive movies to come out of Hollywood.

    Director James Cameron has said in recent interviews that Avatar 2 will have to be in the top five highest-grossing movies of all time in order for the movie to break even and to continue to make sequels.

    Avatar: The Way of Water is currently running in theaters