Farhan Akhtar shares heartbreaking update on Dil Chahta Hai sequel: ‘I said what I had to say’

    In a recent interview, Farhan Akhtar opened up about the much awaited Dil Chahta Hai sequel, but it's not a happy update

    <p>Farhan Akhtar, Aamir Khan, Saif Ali Khan and Akshaye Khanna</p>

    Farhan Akhtar, Aamir Khan, Saif Ali Khan and Akshaye Khanna

    For over two decadesyears, fans have eagerly anticipated a reunion of the beloved on-screen trio of Akash, Sid and Sameer from Dil Chahta Hai, perhaps to delve into the theme of mid-life challenges. However, filmmaker Farhan Akhtar has made it clear that he hasn't contemplated extending the film's storyline, which originally featured Aamir Khan, Akshaye Khanna and Saif Ali Khan in unforgettable roles.

    Talking to the Indian Express, Farhan Akhtar revealed that the topic of Dil Chahta Hai never bores him. He said,“I always appreciate that, so it can’t bore me ever. But I don’t feel I need to do a Dil Chahta Hai 2. I feel that film has done what it had to do; I said what I had to say. Anything on it now will be trying to add something to a story that doesn’t need any additions.”

    Expanding on his thoughts, Farhan Akhtar explained that films like Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, the initial Rock On, and the upcoming Jee Le Zaraa occupy a similar emotional realm in terms of storytelling. He noted that he encountered comparable emotions while working on Dil Chahta Hai. This similarity is why he has never contemplated revisiting the idea of a sequel.

    Dil Chahta Hai stood out as one of the most cherished films of its era, maintaining its timeless appeal. The cult classic featuring Aamir, Saif and Akshaye revolved around themes of friendship, heartbreak and romance, leaving fans eager for a sequel even today. Despite Farhan's continued filmmaking endeavors, enthusiasts persistently inquire about the possibility of a sequel to Dil Chahta Hai and now finally the fans have their closure. 

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