Godzilla vs Kong 2 plot details leaked by Australian government press release

    The movie began filming in Australia last month, and a recent press release by the government may have revealed spoilers. 

    Kong v Godzilla

    Kong v Godzilla

    Godzilla vs Kong was a surprise hit despite the pandemic and grossed over 450 million dollars worldwide, and its sequel began filming in Australia last month.

    Th press release reveal's plot details about the upcoming sequel and say the movie will be more King Kong focused.

    The movie is set to release in 2024 and will be focus on Kong defending earth from the Titans, along with the sequel Apple is developing its own spinoff series for the franchise.

    As per Kaiju News Outlet on Twitter, the film will see Kong playing the hero to protect the Earth. The release said:

    “The fifth film in the Monsterverse franchise will see Kong defend the Earth from the unusual and dangerous creatures that threaten his new home.”

    Director Adam Wingard spoke about the upcoming movie with Entertainment Weekly "I think Godzilla vs. Kong is the first time that we've really truly been able to have full sequences where the film leaves the humans and stays with the monsters, just like any other character".

    That's a big breakthrough VFX-wise and even story-wise. If there's another MonsterVerse movie, in my opinion, it should be the first full-on monster film. I would say, 30 percent humans, the rest monsters, basically flipping the formula of what a lot of these movies generally are. I think people are ready for it."

    Kong v Godzilla

    Dan Stevens who previously worked with director Adam Wingard in the 2014 movie The Guest will be playing the lead role in the sequel.

    Godzilla vs Kong 2 will hit theaters on March 15, 2024.