'Hollywood Shutdown': 'Deadpool 3 to 'Mission: Impossible 8', films suffer amid SAG-AFTRA strike

    The ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike has brought Hollywood to a halt, affecting productions from 'Deadpool 3' to 'Mission: Impossible 8.'

    Deadpool(source IMDB)

    Deadpool(source IMDB)

    It's lights out for Hollywood! A sweeping SAG-AFTRA strike has brought Tinseltown to a grinding halt, affecting productions from anticipated sequels like 'Deadpool 3' and 'Mission: Impossible 8' to promising newcomers. This strike marks the first major halt in film and television production since 1980, as reported by Yahoo Canada Style.

    "Hollywood Shutdown": Heavy Hitters Sidelined by Strike

    The third installment of the wildly popular 'Deadpool' series featuring Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman had set the internet ablaze with the first picture of Jackman in his iconic Wolverine suit. But the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike has left fans waiting in anticipation, with weeks of production still left to complete.

    Deadpool and Wolverine(source Polygon)

    Likewise, the much-awaited 'Beetlejuice 2', starring Michael Keaton and Jenna Ortega, has hit a roadblock, as has the legal drama 'Juror No. 2', featuring Nicholas Hoult and Toni Collette under the direction of legendary Clint Eastwood. 

    "Mission Impossible": Hollywood Reels Under Industry Strike

    The impact of the strike resonates far and wide, stalling production of high-profile projects like 'Gladiator 2', the Paul Mescal-led sequel helmed by Sir Ridley Scott, and the Rami Malek starrer 'Amateur', a thrilling tale of a CIA cryptographer seeking vengeance. Both productions have paused their shoots, adding to the list of affected projects.

    Deadpool(source Den of Geek)

    The anticipated musical adaptation of 'Wicked Part 1', featuring pop sensation Ariana Grande and Broadway powerhouse Cynthia Erivo, has also joined the list of productions on hiatus. Its release, slated for Christmas next year, hangs in the balance.

    The action-packed Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning Part 2' was poised to jump back into production after the promotion of Mission 7, but it seems that the mission has become quite impossible amid the labor dispute.

    "Shut Down!": Industry Stalemate Spells Trouble for Big-Ticket Productions

    As negotiations continue between the AMPTP and the Hollywood labor guilds, fans can only wait and hope that their favorite stars return to action soon. But, until then, the harsh reality of the "Hollywood Shutdown" looms large.

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