Mirai: Manoj Manchu’s character from Teja Sajja-starrer revealed on his birthday, here’s the first glimpse of ‘Black Sword’

    Teja Sajja’s Mirai team reveals the epic glimpse of Manoj Manchu’s character ‘Black Sword’ on the actor’s birthday

    Mirai: Manoj Manchu as The Black Sword

    Mirai: Manoj Manchu as The Black Sword

    Happy Birthday Manoj Manchu! The makers of Teja Sajja’s upcoming film Mirai took to their social media handles to share the first glimpse of Manoj Manchu’s character from the saga. The new glimpse opens with two people talking about the ‘Black Sword’, who is described as the most powerful force in the world. 

    Manoj Manchu - ‘Black Sword’

    'Black Sword’ is shown as a formidable and intense character, who is on a killing spree for an unknown reason. At the end of the glimpse, it is revealed that one of the two people, Manoj Manchu is the original Black Sword. Director Karthik Gattamneni has presented the glimpse in an aesthetically visual manner. 

    The glimpse showcases Manoj’s character in a stylish makeover, something similar to a Samurai. He appears in two different avatars. Manoj is seen sporting a long hairdo with a ponytail and has captured the essence of the most powerful force indeed! 

    Mirai plot

    Helmed by cinematographer-turned-director Karthik Gattamneni of Eagle-fame, Mirai is backed by Telugu production house People Media Factory. Earlier, the makers released the first glimpse, which revealed that the film is based on King Ashoka and his Secret 9. The glimpse takes us through what happened after the Kalinga War, which made a dent in the history of the empire. Post-war, nine warriors were employed to protect their generations, involving secret scriptures to keep their bloodline running. The glimpse also reveals Teja Sajja’s heroic entry, who is out there to prevent the eclipse from reaching the Secret 9 of Ashoka and to battle the evil forces. 

    Besides Teja Sajja and Manoj Manchu, the film will also feature Ritika Nayak as the female lead. Karthik is also handling the cinematography and has also penned the screenplay, alongside Manibabu Karanam, who has written the dialogues. Mirai will have a multi-language release in Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Marathi, and Chinese on April 18, 2025. The film will be released in 2D and 3D formats.