'People will know it' KGF star Yash reveals why he kept a low profile as he gets candid about his fame and success

    Yash revealed that he does believe in unnecessary self-promotion.



    In a candid interview with Film Companion, The KGF star talked about his early financial hardships and that he does not like talking about his success, and that he is focused on new challenges rather than the past.

    The KGF franchise is one of the most successful movie franchises in the country and has grossed around 1200 crores at the global box office.

    However, actor Yash who was catapulted into national superstardom has maintained a quiet profile socially on social media.

    Leaving many to fill that gap and take credit for his success by fabricating things about his past and while the actor really doesn't mind them taking credit he did wish they would make stuff about his past.

    “I see a lot of interviews these days, people keep telling these stories, and I’m like, ‘When did this happen?’. They say, ‘He did not have food for five days and I gave him food’. Once somebody even said I had not taken a bath for five days. That day, I called him. I said, ‘People take credit, that’s fine, but don’t say all this nonsense’.”

    The actor also revealed that the reason he kept quiet after the success of KGF was that he does believe in needles self-promotion and going out of the way to show off his success.

    "I don’t believe in going out and talking about yourself. There’s a saying, ‘If you’re a king, and you’re going and saying you’re a king, then you’re not a king’. Anybody who has success, or is doing really great in life, they don't have to go out and show that they’re successful. People will know it.”

    He spoke about his time in college and prefers not to talk too much about his past or current success but wants to focus on future goals.

    Speaking of future goals the actor has not yet revealed what his next project will be, While KGF 3 was teased in the post-credit scene of Chapter 2 it will be a while till fans get to see Rocky bhai on the big screen.


    As director Prashanth Neel is currently busy filming Prabhas's Salaar, which will be the duo's first collaboration followed by an untilted project with Jr. NTR.

    Meanwhile, Yash fans early awaiting to see what the actor's next project will be and are expecting the actor to announce his next project on his birthday next month.