Tadap: Ahan Shetty and Tara Sutaria open up about facing comparisons with RX100- EXCLUSIVE

    Tadap releasedm last week. The film, whoch is a remake of RX100, launched Ahan in Bollywood. Here, Ahan and Tara open up about the expectations out of the film, and facing comparisons with the original.

    Tadap: Ahan Shetty and Tara Sutaria open up about facing comparisons with RX100- EXCLUSIVE

    It was last week that Ahan Shetty 's debut film Tadap released in theatres. The actor was seen opposite Tara Sutaria . The film has been doing well at the box office. However, one thing that was expected was the comparisons with the Telugu original, RX100. So, how did Ahan and Tara deal with the baggage of these comparisons while shooting for the film?

    In an exclusive interview with us, Ahan Shetty revealed that he was well aware that comparisons are bound to happen. He said, "But it's how you take that- the comparisons. I think you shouldn't let the outside pressures get to you. You shouldn't let what people around you are saying get to you. We were focusing on Tadap. Tara was playing Ramisha and I was playing Ishana, and that was our main focus. We weren't really focusing on or like we're making a remake of RX 100. We kind of went into it as thinking of it as we are making an original film."

    Tara Sutaria added, "I actually didn't think of it. I completely forgot that we were doing a remake because I feel like the atmosphere on set was such that there was no sometimes where you know your director or your producer can say watch the original then shoot the scene then what's the original then shoot that scene and you know, take into context what they've done and sort of recreate that, but that's not at all what happened with after and like I said, I actually completely sometimes forgot that we were doing a remake, it was like a fresh new project. And that was the fun exciting part of it as well."

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