"That’s a helluva transformation" - Revisiting Jared Leto's radical change for 'House of Gucci'

    Jared Leto's shocking transformation in a fat suit for 'House of Gucci' had fans and critics buzzing, amidst backlash from the real-life Gucci family.

    "That’s a helluva transformation" - Revisiting Jared Leto's radical change for 'House of Gucci'

    Oscar-winner Jared Leto left fans wide-eyed with his drastic transformation in Ridley Scott's 'House of Gucci', as he slipped into a fat suit and prosthetics to bring the character of Paolo Gucci to life, as reported by the Independent in July 2021.

    The Shock Factor: Leto's Unrecognizable Avatar

    Bringing the magic of Hollywood makeup to the forefront, Leto stepped into the heavy shoes of Paolo Gucci, former vice president and managing director of the illustrious brand. The film's first look sent fans into a frenzy, as they witnessed Leto's unrecognizable appearance, complete with facial prosthetics and a bald cap. Reactions ranged from shock to praise, with one fan exclaiming on Twitter, "Holy F***! Oscar for the makeup department, now."

    "Horrible, Horrible": The Controversy Surrounding Jared Leto's Fat Suit

    Despite the applause for his stunning makeover, Leto's casting in the film wasn't without controversy. The real-life Patrizia Gucci, a descendant of Guccio Gucci, expressed her disdain for Leto's inclusion, describing it as "horrible, horrible". She felt "offended" by his representation of her family's history.

    Jared Leto in House of Gucci (Source: Variety)

    The tension escalated as Patrizia voiced criticism against Al Pacino, Leto's co-star, calling him too "fat, short … [and] ugly" to portray her grandfather, Aldo Gucci. This unfiltered outburst stirred quite the commotion, adding a layer of real-life drama to the film's release.

    As the industry and audiences await the release of 'House of Gucci' with bated breath, it's clear that the Jared Leto fat suit controversy had piqued interest and sparked conversations, proving once again that there's no such thing as bad publicity in Hollywood.

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