Tom Cruise is going to space to shoot his next project confirms Universal Studios boss Donna Langley

    Universal Filmed Entertainment Group chairperson Donna Langley has confirmed the studio is sending the actor to space where he will film his next project.

    Tom Cruise

    Tom Cruise

    It seems that doing nearly impossible stunts for his movies is not enough for the global superstar as the Universal studio boss has confirmed that his next project will be filmed partly in space.

    According to Donna Langley, the actor will be sent to the International Space Station where he would tape just a segment of the film while suspended in weightlessness.

    Top Gun: Maverick

    But knowing the actor's reputation there is a strong possibility this won't turn out to be a routine visit to the space station.

    The yet-to-be-titled movie is still in the early stages of development and will be directed by Doug Liman, who worked directed Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow.

    In a recent interview with the BBC Donna Langley spoke about the project which was pitched by the director back in 2020.

    " Tom Cruise is taking us to space. He's taking the world to space. That's the plan. We have a great project in development with Tom, that does contemplate him doing just that. Taking a rocket up to the space station and shooting and hopefully being the first civilian to do a spacewalk outside of the space station."

    Top Gun 2

    If this works out it will be a huge achievement for Hollywood and the actor, the cruise is already a certified skydiver, helicopter pilot, and world-accomplished daredevil so adding astronaut to the list would be the next step.

    Normally a visit to the space station would last six months considering the money and time that would take away from the movie means that the studio most likely has plans to bring the actor back as soon they are done filming the sequence.

    With Space tourism on the rise, the actor will no doubt have many companies to choose from for his space flight.

    Currently, the actor is gearing up for the release of the next installment in the Mission Impossible franchise Dead Reckoning Part One

    Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One will hit theaters on 14 July 2023.