'Track Down These Scammers': Jigsaw's new mission in upcoming horror film Saw X

    'Saw X', a prequel to 'Saw II', will delve into Amanda Young's transformation into 'The Pig' and Jigsaw's mission in Mexico City.

    Saw X  (Source: Youtube)

    Saw X (Source: Youtube)

    Gird your loins, horror fanatics! 'Saw X', the spine-chilling tenth installment of the 'Saw' franchise, is set to backtrack to the beginning, serving as a pivotal prequel to the fan-favorite 'Saw II'.

    The horror roller coaster is strapped and ready to delve into the uncharted territories left untouched by the time skip of 'Saw II'. Tobin Bell and Shawnee Smith will once again tread the bloody tracks of Jigsaw and Amanda Young, or as the fans know her, The Pig.

    Saw X (Source Comicbook.com)

    Amanda Young's Ascension as The Pig

    Given their characters have already met their demise, 'Saw X' finds an ingenious way to reincarnate these fan-favorite roles. The horror flick illuminates the murky phase that "showcases Amanda's rise as the Pig" as reported by popgeeks.com. This 'Midquel' - a genre-bending prequel happening between two movies - brings back the horror duo in a manner that sidesteps the necessity of rebooting or remaking.

    The return of Shawnee Smith as Amanda Young is a testament to the actress's timeless allure, as she still effortlessly fits into her role, regardless of her age of 54 years.

    Saw X (Source: Bloody Disgusting)

    Jigsaw's Deadly Redemption in Mexico City

    The forthcoming 'Saw X' will plunge us into the tormented life of John Cramer, the infamous Jigsaw, as he grapples with the looming shadow of death due to his terminal cancer. Venturing to Mexico City in a futile search for a miracle cure, Jigsaw finds himself ensnared in a scam that preys on desperate souls. 

    With the indomitable Pig by his side, he repurposes his life's mission - hunting down these merciless scammers and making them pay through life-and-death games that are bound to make your skin crawl.

    The enduring legacy of 'Saw' as a staple in the horror genre, and the reprise of Amanda Young in 'Dead by Daylight' video game, has only added to the growing anticipation for 'Saw X'. So, buckle up, because Jigsaw is all set to rev up the engines of terror come September 29, 2023.

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