Jigsaw Returns: How Saw X rekindles the frightening legacy of the Saw franchise

    Dive into the iconic Saw franchise's definitive viewing order, from the spine-chilling origins of Jigsaw in 'Saw X' to the anticipated 'Saw II'. Unearth the haunting world of Tobin Bell films and unlock the twisted tales of John Kramer.

    <p>Saw X (Source: Youtube)</p>

    Saw X (Source: Youtube)

    For fans of horror and spine-chilling suspense, the Saw franchise stands as a pillar of frightful entertainment. Nearly two decades after its first release, it remains one of the most successful horror movie sagas, with its newest edition, Saw X, taking us back to the eerie early days of Jigsaw. For those wondering about the optimal viewing order to experience maximum terror, we've got you covered.

    Dive into the Dark World of Jigsaw

    Kicking off our list is 'Jigsaw', the seventh film, yet it uniquely takes us back to events predating the original Saw movie. "Jigsaw follows five unsuspecting individuals waking up in a bar filled with contraptions," with these events occurring before the terror that is Saw 1. 

    Then comes 'Saw', setting the atmosphere with John Kramer's chilling escapades. "It isn't John Kramer's first rodeo", but in this film version, we witness the inception of the original Saw game, aided by his accomplices, Amanda Young and Mark Hoffman.

    Saw X (Source: Novastream)

    The recently released Saw X or Saw 10, fittingly, finds its place next in the timeline. As reported by The Scotsman, the story unfolds weeks after Saw 1, following John Kramer post his devastating cancer diagnosis. "Saw X follows Kramer as he travels to Mexico in search of a miracle cure alongside Amanda Young." The film bridges the gap between Saw 1 and Saw II, showcasing the transition of the Jigsaw legacy from Kramer to Amanda.

    Twisted Tales and Tangled Timelines

    'Saw II' takes the spotlight next, with intense scenes of Detective Eric Matthews racing against time, searching for his son while eight individuals grapple with a gas-filled house of horror.

    'Saw III' and 'Saw IV', despite being separate entities, share a similar timeframe. These sequels reveal past traumas that shaped John Kramer into the terrifying Jigsaw. Saw V and Saw VI follow closely, unraveling more sinister plans and pivotal events that shaped the dreaded games.

    '*Saw: The Final Chapter*', or Saw 3D, introduces new characters and resurrects some old ones, proving that no one truly escapes Jigsaw's grasp. And to wrap up, the latter half of 'Jigsaw' gives audiences a shocking revelation a decade after John Kramer's demise.

    For those with access to Netflix UK, the platform currently hosts four of these spine-chilling Saw movies. So, set the ambiance, gather your bravest friends, and get ready for a horror marathon like no other!

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