Watch Crew Trailer: Tabu, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Kriti Sanon jet off on an adventure of a lifetime as frustrated flight attendants

    The trailer of crew gives insights into the risks taken by the trio of Kareena, Kriti and Tabu when they come across gold bars strapped on a fellow occupant on their flight. Here's what happens next...

    <p>Still from Crew (YouTube/Screengrab)</p>

    Still from Crew (YouTube/Screengrab)

    The makers of the much anticipated women-buddy film Crew dropped its trailer on Saturday and going by the looks of it, the journey seems one hell-of a roller coster ride. The film stars Tabu, Kareena Kapoor Khan, and Kriti Sanon in the leading roles as flight attendants of Kohinoor airlines which has gone bankrupt. Saswata Chatterjee plays the chairman of the airlines while Diljit Dosanjh has stepped into the character of a customs officer. Kapil Sharma too seems to be an integral part of the film but not much can be made out about his character from the trailer of the film.

    The Crew trailer opens with an interrogation scene in which the trio of the leading ladies are asked about some missing gold. We then get glimpses of the world of these three flight attendants and their miserable (but glamorous lives). They're apparently underpaid (despite their flashy lives, as the trailer would have you believe), are thoroughly dissatisfied with their job and are looking for a way out when they come across gold bars strapped on to a seemingly dead co-passenger in their flight. 

    Still from Crew (YouTube/Screengrab)

    It looks like they decide to keep the gold for themselves but eventually find a way to those who're in the business of smuggling gold in the country. Turns out, they agree to do the same. All hell seems to break lose when a customs officer starts picking on their trail. What happens next as Tabu, Kareena and Kriti navigate their way through their added troubles is something that we'll have to wait to witness when the film hits the theatres. 

    For now, watch the trailer of Crew right here:

    Going by the first impression, the trailer does look promising and the protagonists seem to have held up their end of the bargain as far as their acting chops are concerned. From sassy dialogues to their comic timing in unforseen, tricky situations, the film seems to be one crazy, entertaining ride. Another highlight of the trailer is the recreated version of the song Choli Ke Peechhe and its signature tune that plays in the backdrop. 

    Some reports have also suggested that Anil Kapoor too is playing a special role in the film, but the trailer has left him out leaving the audiences to discover his appearance in theatres. Ekta Kapoor and Rhea Kapoor have donned the producers' hat for the film which has been directed by Rajesh Krishnan. The movie is all set to hit the silver screens on March 29.