What to expect in Jackie Chan's return to Rush Hour franchise: 'We’re talking about part 4 right now'

    In 2022, Jackie Chan dropped hints about Rush Hour 4 during the Red Sea Film Festival, reflecting on his Hollywood journey and 60th film anniversary. From doubt to success, Chan's story continues.

    Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan (Source: Entertainment Weekly)

    Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan (Source: Entertainment Weekly)

    Jackie Chan’s Exciting Return to Rush Hour: Buckle Up!

    The echoes of Chris Tucker's jokes and Jackie Chan's impeccable action moves in the Rush Hour series may resonate once again on the big screen! Fans, brace yourselves – Rush Hour 4 might just be on the horizon.

    The Return to an Iconic Franchise

    At a rare on-stage appearance at the Red Sea Film Festival, Jackie Chan revealed that a sequel to the famous Rush Hour franchise might be in the works, as reported by Hindustan Times on Dec 9, 2022. Though he remarked, "the script isn't right" at the moment, he seemed hopeful about discussions with the director. The franchise that kicked off in 1998, grossing a whopping $244 million worldwide, is definitely one fans would be thrilled to see continue.

    'Rush Hour 4' Fan-made Poster (Source: CritiX)

    Jackie Chan's Hollywood Journey: An Unexpected Success

    “I tried so many times to go to Hollywood, but after that, I said no more Hollywood because my English is not good, they’re not my culture, they don’t like this kind of action,” Chan expressed, reminiscing about his first stint in Hollywood. His manager's insistence led him to take up the role in Rush Hour, which he skeptically accepted as his "last time."

    “I don’t know the box office. I just know its certainly a success. And then they made part 2 and part 3,” Chan admitted, reflecting on the unexpected success that changed his career.

    A Milestone: 60 Years in Film and A Shift in Direction

    Jackie Chan also used his platform at the Red Sea International Film Festival to mark his 60th anniversary in the film business. Known for jaw-dropping action sequences, he surprised fans by revealing plans for “less action stories, more love stories” in the near future. A drama film for women is also on the horizon.

    Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan (Source: Digital Spy)

    A Legacy, A Future, and Possibly Rush Hour 4

    From rejecting Hollywood culture to establishing an iconic franchise, Jackie Chan's journey has been filled with twists, turns, and plenty of action. With the potential return to Rush Hour, fans can only hold their breath and hope for another thrilling ride.

    And hey, maybe Jackie's dream of "more love stories" might find its way into Rush Hour 4 – a love-struck Chris Tucker, anyone?

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