Amole Gupte Regrets Opting To Act In 'Singham 2'

Bollywood screenwriter, actor, and director Amole Gupte is popular for helming and directing movies such as Stanley Ka Dabba and Hawa Hawai. Gupte has also acted in several movies such as Bheja Fry 2, Kaminey and Phas Gaye Re Obama. Recently, Amole revealed that he shouldn't have opted to act in Singham 2. 

The auteur’s new directorial ‘Sniff’ has hit the silver screens today. The movie circles around the story of a little boy who has a smell disorder. Regarding Amole’s long gaps between his every movie, the actor was quoted as saying, “I am not overly ambitious. I take up a film every three years — I am not in a hurry. It’s a lot about what you do. If I start supplying trash, will my audiences like it? Every thing takes time; a banyan tree doesn’t grow as fast as imagine”.

The actor also made a serious revelation that he could have saved his ailing father, if he had not signed up Singham 2. He was quoted as saying, “I regret taking it up. If I wasn’t doing Singham Returns, I would have to spent some time with my father. I would have sensed he was sinking and he may have been alive today. My father was my first guru — he exposed me to theatre and classic music”. 

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Amole Gupte Regrets Opting To Act In 'Singham 2'