Olivia Wilde still regrets her divorce with Tao Ruspoli

Olivia Wilde still regrets her divorce with Tao RuspoliThe realization that her marriage is falling apart came to Hollywood actress Olivia Wilde, the very day when she didnt feel happy even after the huge renovation of her dream home completed. The Tron: Legacy star, who still regrets her divorce to ex-husband Tao Ruspoli, told Daily Star that though she was very excited to live in the renovated house, it did not feel like home for her anymore. "We'd just finished a huge renovation on the house... We built a new house and it was perfect... The day it was finished is when I knew it wasn't the house. I think that I finally started being really honest with myself and that was the scariest thing to do, she said. "(I said), 'I am the luckiest person on earth; there is this extraordinary person who is my partner in life, everything seems perfect, why aren't I happy?'," the star added. Talking about her ex- husband she said, "You don't want to break up with someone, you don't want to end a marriage, especially if you really like the person. You just know that something is off and so you try to change everything else, the actress said, adding "The day I knew I had to ask for a divorce was the worst day of my life... I had no idea how to be alone".