Vidya Vidya Vidya!

When asked after 'Entertainment Entertainment Entertainment' in The Dirty Picture, what it is that Kahaani will offer the audience, she smiled and said 'Kahaani Kahaani Kahaani'. I believe her. She's been parading around with her baby bump for promotions across India and it wasn't any different when she decided to address the media in Delhi, telling us that she was feeling rather lovely [with the bump]. The media was clearly still in awe of her performance in The Dirty Picture and the subject kept coming up. When asked why she decided to take up such a drastically different role after playing Silk, she responded by saying 'Silk hoti hai toh hi pregnant hoti hai!' leaving the media in splits!We are definitely excited to watch Kahaani! If you haven't already, check out trailer.Are you watching the film next weekend?