Bro Daddy Review: Mohanlal and Prithviraj's chemistry barely holds this bloated movie together


    Director :
    • Prithviraj
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      Bro Daddy Review: Mohanlal and Prithviraj's chemistry barely holds this bloated movie together
      Updated : January 26, 2022 01:53 PM IST

      They say lightning never hits the same place twice and the second movie directed by Prithviraj and starring Mohanlal in the lead proves this to be true. Bro Daddy is a three-hour-long bloated film that overstays its welcome.

      The movie follows the family life of John Kattadi played by Mohanlal who lives with his wife Annamma played by Meena. The two share an ideal life but when one day their son Eesho played by Prithviraj reveals a secret it turns their life upside down.

      The best thing about this movie is the cast. Both Mohanlal and Prithviraj share amazing chemistry and its fun to watch on screen, they way joke around with each other and their more serious moments together feels very natural.

      Among the rest of the cast, the standout has to be Lalu Alex, who plays the bumbling yet kind-hearted Kurian who plays father to Anna played by Kalyani Priyadarshan . The actor has a way of effortlessly stealing scenes and the way he switches between humor and more dramatic scenes just made me wish that he was in more movies or at least something better than this.

      Kalyani Priyadarshan gives a solid performance as Anna but the biggest problem is there is zero romantic chemistry between her and Prithviraj on-screen. In fact, at times they feel more like brother and sister than a couple that has been in a relationship for four years.

      The problem with Bro Daddy is its runtime which stands at nearly three hours. This movie should have been cut down, it is a strange choice that Prithviraj took as a director here as the plot of the movie is not a story that needs this much time to tell. In fact, had this movie been less than two hours long it would have improved the viewing experience by leaps and bounds.

      There are funny and sweet moments in this movie but there is a lot of drag between and feels like they were trying to extend the runtime for some reason. This is especially noticeable during the more funny moments as the scene tend to linger on even after the punchline.

      From a technical standpoint, nothing really stands out except the fact that this looks and feels like an ad. And don't get me wrong this movie has plenty of product placements but Bro Daddy looks and feels like a movie idea that someone came up with for an ad shoot.

      The music by Deepak Dev never really holds your attention and the movie does have some choppy editing at times.

      Bro Daddy is not a terrible movie, it's on Disney+ Hotstar so you can watch it like you would a series that you watch for a few episodes and then stop as soon as you find something better.