Latest and Upcoming OTT releases in October 2023 Week 3: From Upload Season 2, Mansion 24 to Kaala Paani

    The binge watch list seems to be a never ending one from Bodies, Castaway Diva, I woke up a Vampire to Creature




    Krish, Trish and Baltiboy – Bharat Hain Hum : 15th October, 2023

    The trailer for “Krish, Trish, and Baltiboy – Bharat Hain Hum,” a two-season animated series created by the Central Bureau of Communication, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, and Graphiti Studios, has been unveiled by Union Minister Shri Anurag Thakur. The show will narrate the history of the Indian Freedom Struggle from 1500 to 1947.

    I woke up a Vampire: 17th October, 2023

    Just when Halloween is near, the Canadian teen-comedy fantasy series I Woke Up A Vampire will launched on Netflix on October 17th. You will see  Kaileen Angelic Chang playing the lead role of Carmie Henley. Each episode will be around 22 minutes.

    Kaala Paani: 18th October, 2023

    The show will revolve around a group of people who will travel to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands from the mainland to investigate the mystery surrounding Kaala Paani, and then they will get stranded there without any help. Ashutosh Gowarikar’s will mark his acting OTT debut through this show.

    Bodies : 19th October, 2023

    Bodies is a time-traveling sci-fi, police procedural, murder mystery, and historical drama that is based on the Si Spencer graphic novel. It has a wonderful cast that includes Amaka Okafor, Shira Haas, Kyle Soller, Stephen Graham, and Olivier Award winner Kyle Soller. The show is being compared to the German sci-fi thriller, Dark, which will also revolve time travelling and the disappearance of a child.

    Captain Laserhawk- A Blood Dragon Remix : 19th October , 2023

    The upcoming animated show Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix is an adaptation and a spin-off to Ubisoft’s Far Cry 3. The latest Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix trailer displays the outrageous action and humor of the program. The show will also include cameo appearances by other well-known video game personalities, like as Rayman, Sam Fisher, Ezio Auditore, etc., according to the trailer.

    Creature:20th October, 2023

    Çagan Irmak has directed Creature. This is aa Turkish horror series which will be directly heading into the Halloween season. The cast of this series includesErkan Kolçak Köstendil as İhsan & Taner Ölmez as Ziya, with Engin Benli, Şifanur Gül, Bülent Şakrak, Sema Çeyrekbaşı, and Devrim Yakut.

    Doona : 20th October, 2023

    In upcoming Netflix K-drama series you will see former K-pop star Bae Suzy. Bae Suzy will be seen playing the lead role in this series.The show will be an adaptation of a webtoon called The Girl Downstairs.

    Elite Season 7: 20th October, 2023

    It’s a Spanish TV show which revolves around a group of students and how their lives evolve after various crimes take place. It’s a thriller TV series and  new faces will be seen this season. Brazillian singer Anitta will be seen in Elite’s season 7. The show’s makers, Carlos Montero and Darío Madrona, have kept the viewers glued to their screens with every season by introducing unexpected twists and turns.

    Surviving Paradise :20th October, 2023

    The series is hosted by standup comedian Jessimae Peluso. The show will revolve around 12 unsuspecting contestants who will find out that they’re being banished to the wilderness to fend for themselves and will be competing to come back to their villa for a reward of $100,000.

    Castaway Diva : 21st October, 2023

    Attorney Woo star Park Eun-bin will be seen in the South Korean drama series, Castaway Diva. The series is about Mok-ha (Park Eun-bin), who’s a singer and who goes missing in middle school. She gets stranded on a isolated island but manages to survive. But later on when she is rescued  she struggles to get adjusted to the real world.

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    Permanent Roommates Season 13 : 18th October, 2023

    The third season of Permanent Roommates is coming back to the screens. This is a romcom series. The show casted Sumeet Vyas and Nidhi Singh in main lead  roles. The show’s cast includes actors like Sachin Pilgaonkar, Sheeba Chaddha and Shishir Sharma in pivotal roles.

    Upload Season 3: 20th October, 2023

    Sci-fi comedy series “Upload” is set to make a comeback with season 2. Emmy-winning writer Greg Daniels has made this series. Upload will have eight episodes this season and 2 episodes will premiere every week.

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    Mansion 24 : 17th October, 2023

    Mansion 24 is a Telugu horror series. The series is directed by Ohmkar. Varalaxmi Sarathkumar will be  playing the lead role and this show is her first ever Telugu show. The series also includes actors like Sriman, Avika Gor, Nandu, and Rajeev Kanakala.

    OTT Movies:


    The Devil on Trial: 17th October, 2023

    on October 17 will mark the release of the much awaited documentary directed by Christopher Holt  which will go back to the time when  ‘demonic possession’ was used as a defense in a US murder trial. The documentary will narrate the story of a 19-year-old Arne Cheyenne Johnson who stood on trial for murdering his 40-year-old landlord. He defended it by saying that he did it under the influence of demonic possession.

    Crypto Boy :19th October, 2023

    Award-winning Dutch-Egyptian filmmaker Shady El-Hamus’s, Crypto Boy will be hitting the screens on 19th October, 2023. The Dutch feature will follow the story of a deliveryman who has dreams of a bright future but dosen’t really do anything other than delivering orders for his father’s restaurant.

    Kandasamys-The Baby : 20th October, 2023

    Jayan Moodley is the writer and the director of the film Kandasamys-The Baby. This film will be the fourt installment of the film franchise. The film cast wi include Jailoshini Naidoo (Jennifer), Maeshni Naicker (Shanti), Mishqah Parthiephal (Jodi), Madhushan Singh (Preshen), Koobeshen Naidoo (Elvis), Yugan Naidoo (Preggy), and Miriam Bassa (Aya).

    Old Dada: 20th October, 2023

    Old Dada is a comedy-drama film. The film cast includes actors like Bobby Cannavale and Bokeem Woodbine. Bobby Cannavale, Bokeem Woodbine, Katie Aselton, Jackie Tohn, Reign Edwards and Rachael Harris will also be seen in this movie.

    Vjeran Tomic : L’homme-araignée de Paris: 20th October 2023

    If crime thriller is your favourite genre, then this film is for you. Vjeran Tomic, the burglar behind the 2010 robbery of the Paris Museum of Modern Art, will be narrating the story of how the biggest heist was done in French history. It is directed by Jamie Roberts.

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    The Wandering Earth II : 18th October, 2023

    This is a  Mandarin language dystopian science fiction film . It will narrate the tale of humankind on Earth, where scientists build giant engines and fix them to a few epicentres on the planet that drive the Earth to a new solar system as its sun is about to die.

    Sayen – Desert Road : 20th October, 2023

    If you like action film then this ones for you. This film is directed by Alexander Witt. This film revolves around Sayen who’s one of the most wanted criminals who’s in pursuit of a lead against the multinational organisation, Actaeon who is responsible for the loss of her family.

    The Other Zoey : 20th October, 2023

    This film is directed and written by Sara Zandieh and Matt Tabak. Josephine Langford, Drew Starkey, and Archie Renaux will be seen playing lead roles. The official logline of The Other Zoey reads, “Zoey Miller, a super smart computer nerd who is uninterested in romantic love, has her life turned upside down when Zack, the school’s soccer star, gets amnesia and mistakes Zoey for his girlfriend.”

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    Once Upon a Studio : 16th October, 2023

    543 characters from more than 85 Disney films and short films are present in the movie. Robin Williams’ Genie from Aladdin returns in Once Upon a Studio, a new short film celebrating Disney’s 100th anniversary, and the story behind the special appearance has been revealed.