Jawan Movie Review: Atlee serves a double dose of Shah Rukh Khan with thrilling action, seeti-maar dialoguebaazi and oodles of fun



    Azad Rathore (Shah Rukh Khan) is the new-age Robin Hood with a battle against the corrupt system along with a badass group of women. He locks horns with the menacing Kaali (Vijay Sethupathi) where its soon revealed that their rivalry goes a long way in the past.

    Director :
    • Atlee
    Cast :
    • Shah Rukh Khan,
    • Nayanthara,
    • Vijay Sethupathi,
    • Deepika Padukone,
    • Sanya Malhotra,
    • Priyamani,
    • Sunil Grover
    Genre :
    • action/drama
    Language :
    • Hindi
    Jawan Movie Review: Atlee serves a double dose of Shah Rukh Khan with thrilling action, seeti-maar dialoguebaazi and oodles of fun
    Updated : October 20, 2023 05:29 PM IST

    ‘Bete Ko Haath Lagane Se Pehle Baap Se Baat Kar’ - the whistles and cheer which echoed in the theatre when these lines were uttered just proves Shah Rukh Khan’s maddening intensity and star power when it comes to being the guiding anchor of Jawan. However, the Atlee directorial not only relies on Shah Rukh’s charisma and power-packed performance as a double threat but instead, the core of the movie lies in its women. The film has many strong messages to portray but one of the strongest of them all is the unending strength, courage, and a tigress that resides within each vengeful woman.

    The plot revolves around Azad Rathore (Shah Rukh Khan) who is leading a fight against the corrupt system and has formed an army of badass women who have been earlier tormented by the same system. They especially lock horns with the menacing and amoral businessman Kaali (Vijay Sethupathi) who is responsible for the plight of the downtrodden farmers and a deplorable facility at government hospitals. No-nonsense cop Narmada Rai (Nayanthara) takes up the mantle to capture this Robin Hood. However, when things turn topsy-turvy for Azad’s mission, we see the entry of Vikram Rathore (Shah Rukh Khan) the ‘Mufasa’ of the movie quite literally.

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    Atlee has inculcated a high dosage of action, dialoguebaazi, and a core message to fight against a corrupt system for your rights. The screenplay by Atlee and S Ramanagirivasan though tedious in some portions, moves in an otherwise slick manner with smooth transitions between the past and the present. The motives of each character have been fleshed out convincingly which makes us strike a chord with each one of them. The larger-than-life execution coupled with the performances screams mass from Jawan. The movie does get a little preachy and melodramatic during the climax which adds to the pace. Some methods of the mission also look too much of a cakewalk but it is the star power of Shah Rukh Khan, an extravagant and massy entertainment quotient in the execution, and the fierce energy of the female star cast that will still make you hold onto your seats wide-eyed.

    Talking about the performances, Jawan has consolidated Shah Rukh Khan’s era officially. If you thought Pathaan gave you all the thrill with his performance and magnanimous screen presence, wait till you experience this movie. The varied macabre looks coupled with the double fury that the superstar brings into the film is unparalleled. Shah Rukh as Azad might give you goosebumps but Shah Rukh Khan as Vikram will leave you exhilarated till the end. Jawan will be like a festival for every die-hard Shah Rukh Khan fan out there.

    Lady Superstar Nayanthara makes a dashing foray into Bollywood with this one. She brings in the right intensity, fire, and ferocity required from her role. It would have been more delightful to witness a little more chemistry between her and Shah Rukh Khan. Vijay Sethupathi is the right kind of intimidating and terrifying as Kaali with never a dull moment with him on the screen. The Charlie’s Angels of Jawan aka Priyamani, Sanya Malhotra, Girija Oak, Lehar Khan, and Sanjeeta Bhattacharya are a delight to behold and look every bit the badass that their characters embodied. Sunil Grover in his brief appearance does a wonderful job. Deepika Padukone in her extended cameo is riveting and powerful giving the much-needed emotional aspect to the movie. There is yet another endearing cameo to watch out for which will leave you with a bright smile.

    The background score by Anirudh Ravichander adds up the titillation and delight especially in the action sequences. The songs like ‘Zinda Banda’, ‘Chaleya’, and ‘Not Ramaiya Vastavaiya’ look more convincing with the visuals and Shah Rukh Khan’s performance. The cinematography by GK Vishnu is intricate and meticulous bringing in the right amount of potency and vigor be it in the action sequences or the emotionally high-octane scenes. The action sequences and stunts are one of the main backbones of the movie.

    Lastly, Jawan is all about celebrating Shah Rukh Khan’s reign in all his glory after Pathaan’s success. The superstar isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Also, Atlee take a bow when it comes to spreading pure mass and thrill on the big screen.