Never Kiss Your Best Friend 2 Review: Nakuul Mehta, Anya Singh, Karan Wahi starrer is fresh, fun and breezy


    Never Kiss Your Best Friend Season 2

    Two years after their break up, former BFFs and ex lovers Tanie Brar and Sumer Dhillion come face to face at their work place. With new love interests, important phase in their careers and unresolved feelings, they set out to maturely work together. But will they be able to?

    Director :
    • Harsh Dedhia
    Cast :
    • Nakuul Mehta,
    • Anya Singh,
    • Sarah Jane Dias,
    • Karan Wahi
    Genre :
    • Romantic Drama
    Language :
    • Hindi
    Platform :
    • ZEE5
    Never Kiss Your Best Friend 2 Review: Nakuul Mehta, Anya Singh, Karan Wahi starrer is fresh, fun and breezy
    Updated : April 29, 2022 12:25 AM IST

    Nakuul Mehta and Anya Singh have returned to our screen as BFFs Sumer and Tanie after two long years with the second season of Never Kiss Your Best Friend. While we were excited to see where their story goes, the trailer left us even more intrigued by introducing us to some new faces-- Karan Wahi , Sarah Jane Dias , Sapna Pabbi and Jaaved Jaaferi . At the end of season one, we saw how Sumer and Tanie accepted their feelings for one another and started dating. Well, a lot has changed in the last two years.

    Two years have passed since their break up. They were happily living together in Mumbai, focusing on their careers, when one day Tanie saw Sumer kissing another girl and stormed out of their house and his life. She’s back in London and is working at a production house where we meet her chill friend Sapna aka Alisha and their boss, who is the definition of boss lady-- Lavanyaa, played by Sarah. While her life is as crazy as it was, things start looking up when Tanie’s story is chosen for the next web show of the production house. That is, until she meets the director of the series-- her ex best friend and former beau Sumer.

    The two try to be mature about working together and soon Tanie starts dating the lead actor, Karan. Sumer and Lavanyaa, on the other hand, have a case of healthy flirtation going on. There is also a side track about Tanie’s Bittu Mama, played by Jaaferi, who finally gathers the courage to meet his long lost love Sangeeta aka Deepti Bhatnagar after 30 years. Meanwhile Tanie’s overbearing mother Happy, played wonderfully by Nikki Walia, is learning how it’s important not to interfere in other’s lives. Things are going well but once again we see Tanie questioning her feelings for Sumer.

    Anya is convincing as Tanie and the character is as fun and confused as it was last season. But Nakuul has truly evolved as an actor. His incredible performance will leave a lasting effect on you along with his infectious smile. Definitely one reason why the show gets brownie points. Jaaved is another actor to watch out for! We all know he’s a wonderful performer. But this character is very different from anything he’s done before and he has truly aced it. Sarah, on the other hand, is refreshing as badass career-oriented Lavanyaa who is slowly falling for Sumer, whereas Karan is the perfect boyfriend! Every time he comes on-screen he successfully manages to charm the audience. A true delight!

    There are a few hit and miss scenes in this season but it is definitely a step higher than the previous one. The camera work is wonderful and so is the music, which in turn makes Never Kiss Your Best Friend 2 an enjoyable experience. Towards the end the story does seem like it will meet a predictable end but it leaves you smiling with an interesting twist. There is no cliffhanger full of suspense which leaves you at the edge, but the show does make you want a season 3. All in all this show is fun, light and breezy and quite a good option if you are looking to pass some free time. Most importantly, it is a fresh story. So go binge-watch it if you have no big plans this weekend!