The Rings of Power Episode 7 Review - The latest episode does little to you excite you for the season finale


    The Rings of Power

    The forces of Numenor struggle to regroup as Mount Doom erupts.

    Director :
    • Charlotte Brändström
    Cast :
    • Morfydd Clark,
    • Charlie Vickers and Markella Kavenagh
    Genre :
    • Fabtasy
    Language :
    • English
    Platform :
    • Amazon Prime Video
    The Rings of Power Episode 7 Review -  The latest episode does little to you excite you for the season finale
    Updated : October 07, 2022 11:59 AM IST

    The seventh episode of the first season of The Rings of Power is out now, the episode directed by Charlotte Brändström and titled "The Eye", the forces of Númenor are struggling to regroup after the eruption of Mount Doom.

    We Galadriel desperately search for survivors in what was once the Southlands, the visuals and music add to the atmosphere and build tension but the episode never fully utilizes it.

    Instead, it chooses to focus on what feels like unnecessary character exposition, especially since this is the second last episode and should set up next week's season finale but it fails to do so here.

    in fact, this entire season at times feels like partly set up for the upcoming seasons of the show as it does little to further the plot in this season, which never turned out well for shows the did same in the past.

    The only highlight of the episode is the subplot involving Prince Durin and Elrond as they mine for Mithril mainly due to chemistry between Owain Arthur and Robert Aramayo, which in a way has convinced me that it should have been the primary focus of the show like the title Rings of Power suggests.

    The other subplot involving the stranger from the sky and the Harfoots is the prime example of what I meant by setup for the next season, and the season finale will most likely be some sort of revelation regarding this towards the end of the episode then we have to wait for season two to find out the consequences.

    Hopefully, the season finale which streams next week will be able to redeem partly at least the overall issues with the series as a whole and the showrunners still have a few tricks up their sleeve.

    The Rings of Power is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video , with new episodes every Friday.