Amazon Prime's docu-series Wedding.con is a spine-chilling tale of matrimonial scams and financial frauds, watch

    Amazon Prime Video's new docu-series Wedding.con revolves around frightening financial frauds and scams through matrimonial websites. 

    A still from Wedding.con trailer

    A still from Wedding.con trailer

    Amazon Prime Video brings a new docu-series Wedding.con which as the name suggests revolves around the frightening scams and financial frauds that are committed through matrimonial sites. The series has been helmed by Tanuja Chandra and revolves around five women who were duped in this vicious scam. The show is all set to stream on the OTT platform on December 29, 2023.

    The trailer shows the women narrating their horrifying experience wherein they get entangled in a web of lies and betrayal. The trailer begins with a woman narrating how marriage is often the expectation of society especially when it comes to a woman wherein people believe that her life is complete after entering marital bliss. They then go on to say how they met some men on matrimonial sites with a charming profile picture and personalities. These men manage to woo and gain the trust of these innocent women only to start asking them for money giving some excuses. Take a look at the trailer.

    We see the women believing these men and giving them huge amounts of money which goes almost to Rs 1 crore. Needless to say, when they learn that they have been duped, they feel shattered, helpless, betrayed, and broken. The gut-wrenching docu-series gives us a spine-chilling narration of these women being emotionally, physically, financially, and mentally abused and exploited through the scams. Lastly, a woman can be saying that what hurts her the most is that these men are still roaming free and have not been punished for their crimes. The trailer also shows a ratio that the financial fraud involving matrimonial sites has increased in the year 2021 from 2020.

    Some fans also observed that Wedding.con also has a similarity to the 2022 Netflix documentary movie Tinder Swindler. Tanuja in a statement said, “Wedding.con is the tale of five women who were victims of matrimonial fraud, but are now survivors and have shown tremendous courage in recounting their experience, to expose these scams. It makes me very hopeful that this series reaching out to a wide audience when it streams on Prime Video in India and across the world, will help in saving women from being duped in the future.”