Bigg Boss OTT 2 promo: Jiya Shankar gets a massive panic attack during nominations, says 'I can't breathe'

    Jiya Shankar can be seen having an ugly panic attack in the latest promo of Bigg Boss OTT 2. 

    Jiya Shankar promo

    Jiya Shankar promo

    Bigg Boss OTT 2 will see its second nomination for the week. The contestants will be facing a buzzer which they will have to press for the housemate they wish to throw out from the show. However, the latest promo shows a rather shocking sight wherein contestant Jiya Shankar will be seen having a massive panic attack for a reason still unknown.

    Talking about the same, the promo shows all the housemates gathered at the activity area for the nominations. During this, we see Jiya Shankar suddenly start to have a massive panic attack. The actress says, “I can’t breathe, please let me out Bigg Boss.” We see some of the other contestants help her get some air and request Bigg Boss to let her go out of the room. Take a look at the promo.

    However, it is still unclear as to why the Pisachini actress suddenly started to panic and feel anxious. By the looks of it, probably Jiya Shankar was rattled by something which happened during the nominations itself. Presumably, the actress was shocked to hear something about herself from one of her co-contenders. One of her fans wrote in the comments that her discomfort started due to something which Avinash Sachdeva must have said.

    The comment read, “She Started Crying Because She Can’t Able To Believe That The Person She Trust Does This With Her And That Is Avinash!! Jiya Didu Is Like That Ki If She Does Friendship She Never Be Fake Always Show Her Reality As She Is But Avinash Didn’t And After Knowing His Reality She Is So Hurt.. Jiya Didu Don’t Worry We #jiyains Are Always There For You!! Everything Will Be Alright My Gurl And She Needs Someone Who Actually Be Real With Her, Love Her And Don’t Be Fake With Her Like Palak Didu And Palak Didu Ke Jane Ke Baad Se She Is So Upset.. Jiyu Don’t Let Your Power Less Because Of These Type Of People.. I Love You So Freaking Much.”

    Meanwhile, Jiya Shankar was ultimately nominated for the evictions along with Aaliya Siddiqui. Reportedly she was nominated by Manisha Rani, Bebika Dhurve, and presumably Avinash Sachdeva. In the Weekend Ka Vaar episode, the actress was schooled by Salman Khan to be more confident of her personality.