'Don ko pakadna...': Uorfi Javed's blazer makes a strong statement as she exits Mumbai police station, Check pics inside

    Uorfi Javed stuns in a daring outfit as she exits a police station in Mumbai, wearing a statement oversized blazer, denim cutouts with a crop top. Check out the pictures inside...

    <p>Uorfi Javed exits a police station</p>

    Uorfi Javed exits a police station

    Mumbai - the fashion capital of India, witnesses countless style statements daily, but it's not every day that someone manages to capture the spotlight as effectively as Uorfi Javed. The TV actress, who shot to fame with her short stint in Bigg Boss OTT, is known for her unconventional choice of wardrobe and quirky fashion sense, often gets trolled for the same on social media. 

    On Monday, Uorfi Javed was spotted exiting a police station in Mumbai's Bandra area, where, as per a report on Times of India, a police complaint was filed against the starlet for her choice of clothing. Apparently, she'd gone to record her statement about the same, where once again, her outfit became the talk of the town. 

    At first glance, Uorfi's ensemble may come across as audacious, but a closer look reveals a well-thought-out combination of contemporary urban chic and fearless fashion choices. Dressed in a forest green oversized blazer, Uorfi encapsulates the modern trend of blending formal with casual. The blazer's deep hue is in contrast with the light pink of her crop top.

    Her denim pants are not the typical ones. They boast of strategically placed cutouts on the thighs, connected with blue straps, lending an edgy, avant-garde appeal to her overall look. These audacious cutouts, combined with the semi-formal green blazer, create a bold outfit for a visit to the police station.

    Uorfi's green oversized blazer soon became the talk of the town with the words, "Don ko pakadna..." neatly painted at the back, instantly reminding one of the popular line from the Don franchise of films. 

    To complete her look, Uorfi chose white footwear. These footwear, aside from adding a few inches to her height, also accentuate her poised posture, making her entire ensemble even more striking. Her hair, slicked back into a precise bun, and her minimalist makeup with a focus on bold eyebrows and pink-tinted lips, accentuate her facial features, ensuring that she remains the center of attention.

    It's not just about the clothes but how you wear them, and Uorfi Javed embodies this sentiment. All said and done, her outfit remains a testament to her unique fashion sensibilities and her courage to defy conventions.

    Whether it's through her choice of edgy denims or her ability to make formal wear look effortlessly bold and chic, Uorfi's sartorial choices resonate with those who dare to be different.

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