Gunaah Teaser- Gashmeer Mahajani stuns and charms everyone as a seasoned gambler; fans just can't get over his screen presence

    The much-awaited teaser of Gashmeer Mahajani's Gunaah has just been released on Disney + Hotstar, with the fans going gaga over it

    <p>The much-awaited teaser of Gashmeer Mahajani starrer Gunaah has just been released on Disney+ Hotstar, with the fans going gaga over it</p>

    The much-awaited teaser of Gashmeer Mahajani starrer Gunaah has just been released on Disney+ Hotstar, with the fans going gaga over it

    Actor Gashmeer Mahajani needs absolutely no introduction at all. After having done many memorable roles like Deool Band (Marathi film), TV shows like Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal, Shrikant Bashir and many more. The good news is that the actor is back with yet another show. This time round, the show will be on Disney + Hotstar. The name of the show is Gunaah, whose teaser has been launched today.

    The teaser’s introduction starts with an on-air aircraft, which only signifies the entry of the mysterious millionaire and a seasoned gambler Abhimanyu Rai (Gashmeer Mahajani). Even though Abhimanyu Rai walks the walk and talks the talk, there is a voiceover which states that the age of Abhimanyu Rai is 32 years and that he has a net worth of a staggering Rs. 300 crores!

    Wait, this is just not enough of his introduction, as there’s more to him! The voiceover further states that, there are absolutely no clues about his family, plus, he also does not have any kind of criminal record. And the reason why he has come, also is not known to anyone!

    This is followed by the stunning Surbhi Jyoti’s character asking Abhimanyu Rai whether they have met before! To which, Abhimanyu Rai, with all his charm and elegance, replies, “Aapko kya lagta hai!” (What do you think!).

    No sooner had the teaser been launched on social media, there were many netizens who took to the comments section and expressed their happiness after seeing their stunning idol Gashmeer Mahajani back on the screen! The love and affection shown by the netizens could be mirrored through the comments which stated, ‘OMG! You guys simply made my day. I just could not have asked for anything more than to see my darling Gashmeer Mahajani in the role of Abhimanyu Rai. It’s been so long that all his fans were waiting to see him back in action’

    Another user wrote, ‘It’s the best online pairing that one could ask for. On one hand, there’s Abhimanyu Rai as Gashmeer Mahajani, and on the other hand, there is the besutiful Surbhi Jyoti, who is good enough to give equal takkar to the actor Abhimanyu.

    The said series, which is being directed by Anil Senior and created by Anirudh Pathak, will be released on Disney+ Hotstar on June 3, 2024.